My Shopping List for Tomorrow Morning – Who will I see at 7am??

I am busy getting things organized for Thanksgiving, but shopping and getting the awesome Arm & Hammer deal + PB is not too far from my mind.

Here is how I organize my shopping trip using my amazing SHOPPING LIST.  You can also order them in notepad format from me as well – easy to carry around and saves ink printing it off every time – Order Here

I am going out bright and early while the rest of the house sleeps in 😉 – my favourite time to shop

* I estimated my savings for this shop, but it is well over 75% off regular prices.  But who pays regular price ?!?! lol  The savings should be off of the sale prices anyhow 😉


3 thoughts on “My Shopping List for Tomorrow Morning – Who will I see at 7am??

  1. Kendra

    Hey Christine,
    Okay I went to RCSS tonight and found the Kraft coupon book!!!! They have $1.00 off coupons for Kraft peanut butter. So that would make the peanut butter $1.99! Coupon only valid from sept 27th to oct 11
    Thought this would lower your bills for tomorrow. Can’t wait to some peanut butter my family goes through so much. Booklet found at Hyde park and Oxford in the bins near the bread section.
    Happy shopping everyone!

  2. christine Post author

    Kendra – the peanut butter for $2.99 is not the correct size – that is a 500g size … you need to PM the SDM price of $3.99 for the 750g as that is the value on the coupon


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