A Couponers Shopping List – a Printable List to Call your Own

I have never had a formal shopping list, but always used the same categories and headers on scrap pieces of paper.  So when I was asked by a lot by friends to create something formal, I listened.

FEATURES of this SHOPPING LIST: You will see there is a space to categorize your purchases by section/isle on the far left, then some great check boxes to list if you have a coupon or if you are PM’ing (price matching), and also some spaces to list how many coupons you have.  I also included a place to list where you are PM’ing from + a box to put what flyer page the deal is on for easy reference at check-out.

I hope you enjoy – if you would like to see any changes, just let me know 🙂

Click here to get your own copy  My Shopping List 2012

8 thoughts on “A Couponers Shopping List – a Printable List to Call your Own

  1. Stephanie

    Hahaha your original shopping list looks very similar to mine! Except I started writing the prices and the coupon values because in the beginning I would mess up which days the flyers were valid for and be looking for deals that hadn’t started yet! lol

  2. Korteney

    My only recommendation for your wonderful list would be to make it “fill-able” so that we can type right into it instead of printing then well, printing.

  3. Yolanda

    Hi.. I use the Out of Milk app on my smart phone. You can create categories, indicate coupons etc. and I love it.. It sync’s with hubby’s phone as well.

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