My Shoppers Drug Mart REDEMPTION EVENING! *Breaking a Sweat*

SDM - Coupon ChristineI know I am 34wks pregnant, but did they have the heat turned on tonight at Shoppers on Wonderland?  I was just loving my Shoppers redemption too much I over heated and got too excited when she not only told me the SAVINGS, but the grand total of all these merchandise.

I won’t break it all down, but from picture you can see what I got and will highlight some of my amazing deals

1) Almay = 8 mascara + 1 lip balm + 1 make-up remover … all were ringing in as $5.99 tonight minus $4 insert (Smartsource) coupon … 2 bucks each! Thanks Kristin!

2) 4 packages of diapers + $7 off coupons for them total  = .14 cents a diaper

3) Similac Formula at $11 a tub + a $5 REBATE from Checkout51 … so works out to be $17 for 2 tubs!

4) Kraft PB 8 of them … .99 cents each (not as good as Metro – but FREE with points, so better deal for me)

Other items include: 4 Oasis Juice, 2 cartons of eggs, 2 bags of milk, 4 loaves of bread, 3 boxes of Fibre 1 cereal, 3 containers of cream, 6 bags of cookies (no judging here ~ wink), 4 Palmolive dish soap, 1 fun foam soap for daughter tub, 3 Heinz quick rice for new baby, 2 lotions of Cetaphil, 2 chocolate bars, 1 blistex lip medex, 2 packs of lightbulbs.  Most of these items all had coupons too!

Subtotal was $241.39

HST was 18.01

Total $259.40 minus 2 x $10 Similac Cheques

Used $220 points

GRAND TOTAL = $19.30

SAVINGS which includes COUPONS and ON SALE items was $155.04.

,….. AND CHeckout51 has a $5 rebate for the SIMILAC!  SCORE!!!! Thanks Angela for the tip! so that brings it down to $15.30!  LOVE IT!

Do you want some TIPS on how I did this … check out this blog about SDM explained – CLICK HERE TO READ

September 8, 2013

One thought on “My Shoppers Drug Mart REDEMPTION EVENING! *Breaking a Sweat*

  1. Vicki McPhail

    I spent my 50,000 points on baby items for the new grandchild expected next month! My daughter in law was really happy when I showed her the haul via Skype. Now to start saving points again!


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