My Frugal Wedding: A Fan’s Guide to Saving Money on your Special Day

As I am sure a lot of you know weddings can be one of the biggest expenses you make in your lifetime. As much as Tasha (my amazing fan) would have loved to spend the national average of $20,000-$30,000 on her wedding budget, she shares how she was able to get her wedding done in less than $1,000!

So … how did she manage to do that?  Check it out! Here is her break down of how she SAVED on her Special Day!  Some great tips too!

The Dress (and other attire)

Like most little girls growing up I envisioned myself looking like a princess on my wedding day. However when you are that young you do not realize the average cost of a wedding dress in Canada is $1,800 (more then I wanted to spend on my whole wedding).

I heard about a place in London, Ontario called the Sears Outlet Store so I thought that I would check it out. I found the dress of my dreams!! It was the most beautiful thing ever and I felt like the princess that I always wanted to be. How much did I pay for this dress?? Get ready for this…….$26!! That’s right you read that correctly! The Sears Outlet Store has MANY discounted wedding dresses that are absolutely beautiful. You can also find bridesmaid dresses there as well for fantastic rock bottom prices. I happened to get a dress for my maid of honour (and only bridesmaid) for $15 off of the local Buy, swap, and sell.

My Husband’s suit was purchased at Value village for $7 and it was in brand new condition. My sons suit was given to me by a friend. The dresses for my 2 daughters were purchased off Ebay for $20 each as well as the ties for $10(for 3). I splurged on Shoes and bought them all new at PayLess totalling $80 for 5 pairs.

The Ceremony

We knew that we wanted to still be somewhere beautiful and special. I looked around for places in Niagara Falls but it all seemed cheesy. I found a great chapel right here in London called the Rose Chapel. It was very beautiful. We decided to get married on a Sunday (it was cheaper then Saturday) the officiant was included in the price. It seats up to 120 people (we only had 50) Our total Cost for that the venue was $400.


Our guest list was on the small side. We felt that it was not our style to have a big reception after. So we decided to go to the Kings Buffet in London for brunch. We had written in our invitations that those that were interested could meet us there for brunch. We explained in the invitation that the cost was to be covered by the guest. That probably seems tacky to some of you but like I said we were on a tight budget.


We wanted to have someone to capture our day. Family and friends just would not have got the shots that we wanted with their cameras. I looked around and it was not looking good. I was getting prices ranging from $300-$1000 for 3 hours. I decided to put an ad on the buy and sell looking for someone that would be interested in “building their portfolio” I had a lady come forward that was just starting out in photography and charged me $50 for 3 hours and the pictures she took were fantastic! She gave me a CD with over 200 pictures that I could pick and choose what I wanted to get printed out.


Having 3 kids my husband and I don’t really get out much. So one night away was awesome in our eyes. I got lucky for this one. My mom had given me a gift certificate for life experiences (found at Shoppers Drug Mart near their gift certificates) for $100. I thought I would check it out to see what they offer. I found a beautiful hotel in London called the Idlewyld Inn That accepted the life experience so our night out was FREE! We went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 as well which may seem cheesy but it was my day and that’s what I wanted to do 🙂 We splurged on that to and went to the VIP theater at Westmount it was nice and quiet (and the movie was great)!


There were a few little things that needed to be done. I made a lot of the little items myself such as my garter belt, my bouquet (and my bridesmaids), boutonnieres, hair clips and hair bands for my girls, a hair piece for me. The total of those items were approximately $40 I got most of my materials at craft stores such as Michael’s and Lens Mills and used 50% off coupons.

Invitations I made myself online at the Walmart photo centre they cost me $20 for 50

Our Marriage certificate was $125

So I was very excited when my wedding came to a grand total of $825 I was under budget! So we spent some extra on Christmas gifts for the kids! It was a great day and I got to marry the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with!

How did YOU save money? Share your ideas below to help everyone


Thank you Tasha for this great post and for sharing your special (savings) day with all of us!


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  1. Justine

    Amazing! I love it! My husband and I were also very frugal with our wedding, came in under $1000! I got my wedding dress off the rack at Sophie’s (it said sample on the back, but no one noticed). CONGRATS!


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