* MOMpreneur Award 2014 ~ What Happened? Answering your Questions


lincoln and mompreneurSaturday morning, before most of you were even up, I was busy … busy getting ready and pumped about the 2014 MOMpreneur conference. Lots to see and do today include a special meet and greet with the amazing Arlene Dickinson, putting faces to names of all the amazing other 11 finalists and lastly to sit all day and wait to hear who would be crowned MOMpreneur of the year. I was so excited ~ award or not, I just felt honoured to be a part of this great day.

Lincoln was dressed and ready to go and we headed into Toronto for the 9am start.

For those who know me (wink wink), I am not a quiet lady.  I was excited to finally meet the fellow finalists, see their products displayed and to just take it all in (in my fun and vibrant manner).  As I had mentioned for the last 4 months of voting, we were blown away by all of you supporting us and cheering us on.  We have found out that we were one of the top 3 to receive the most number of votes this year.  The entire contest brought in over 75,000 votes of which you all supported US to place couponchristine into one of the top spots (of which roughly 15-20% of these votes came exclusively from my fans).couponchristine on screen

We weren’t sure how we ranked at the event on Saturday night as nothing was mentioned about our fans support ~ sorry 🙁 , but just today you all were recognized by Maria from MOMpreneurs Showcase Group for bringing forth the top number of votes. On behalf of Lily and I we want to thank you all for that .. we were told views never meant votes, but it was pretty obvious that they were pretty close to accurate as we came out on top along side Angel from Lux Keepsake Quilts and Elaine from Easy Daysies.

It is apparent you guys love us because we received a ton of emails/private messages and notes of congratulations, however we also received some emails of shock and confusion with the outcome of the contest.  You all noticed that myself and Angel from Lux Keepsake Quilts were ranking as the leaders, but neither one of us placed.  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to you over the last few days as we too were a bit shocked by this.  We did know going in that votes meant securing you in top 10, but I think you were more shocked by the outcome that it did not go to a start-up/new business and that was what you all have been concerned with.  Well this years award (something that we did not know until a memo came out today) was not geared to be for a start up business (confusing to us as the prize money alotment would go towards marketing/media assistance, for a new business etc etc.). In a memo released today, Maria from the MOMpreneur group mentions that this years award was for:

… the woman who we felt most exemplified a passionate, dedicated, and successful Mompreneur that others could look up to aspire to. This award isn’t necessarily to focus on start-ups, or to award someone who just needs a hand-up; being named “Mompreneur of the Year” is intended to recognize a woman who has taken her idea and made it flourish; someone who will be a role model of all that is possible for women when they hope to serve their families and businesses with equal amounts of passion and dedication”.

That being said  ~ If we had known this contest would end up this way, we would not have put your voting fingers to work helping us secure one of the top spots over the last 100+ days.  So we are going to apologize to each and every one of you for this now and had we known that, we would have never entered.  We also did not know the rating criteria until just today (see below for a link to that criteria) and it turns out votes only secure you in top 10, rest is left up to the judges with no consideration for fan support or love.

“The winner of this years MOMpreneur was Elaine from Easy Daysies – Easy Daysies is a magnetic scheduler and visual organizer for kids. Easy Daysies has won many product and parenting awards, can be found in over 1300 stores across North America and is recommend by child psychologists and occupational therapists”. (Maria, from MOMpreneur Showcase Group).  She also landed an amazing deal on Dragon’s Den a few years ago and continues to grow her business across the globe.

We were proud to have such an outpouring of support and votes amoungst such already established businesses, shows how much you admire what we do and what we stand for.  As it is not clear in the memo from MOMpreneur, the other winners were as follows:

*  Runner up went to Dawn from Lice Squad, a 13 year veteran in the biz, wild card finalist and invited guest speaker at the event on franchising your business.

* 3rd place went to Hayley from SleepBelt, a hands free skin-to-skin support system, allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you!

* 4th place was the second wild card finalist Gwenda of MyColdCup ~ keeping your milk cold till lunch!

And before you all say, “maybe next time” … nah, not these ladies!  We won’t be working with contests or this group in the future.  We are going to keep doing what we know best … being awesome at CouponChristine.com – award or not, we are true winners because you all supported us and still do – award or not.

Thank you again or your continued support.

You can read more about the MOMpreneur’s criteria for selecting Elaine as their winner here. 

Arlene and couponchristine Group of 12 mompreneurs couponchristine mompreneur award






8 thoughts on “* MOMpreneur Award 2014 ~ What Happened? Answering your Questions

  1. Darlene Schuller

    I love your attitude. No one should need an award to tell them how great they are or how wonderful their doing. Your loyal followers stand for it all. I’m so very proud of you ladies for going as far as you did. *cheers* to you ladies!!!!!

  2. Tabatha

    Way to go. Although I strongly admire the kindness you displayed in this email, shame on them. I wrote on their Facebook page and was told they aren’t affiliated with dragons den or Arlene dickerson. Which I find funny seeing as tey broadcasted the meet and great with her, she is also in your pictures. I am proud of you and lux quilts, however this whole thing was a scam. They knew what tey were doing.

  3. Cindy Taylor

    Hmmm..,the old bait and switch….not so cool. I love what you are doing and it is clear others do too! That was worth it! Now onto your next adventure!

  4. Amanda

    Thank you for all the hard work you do saving my family and other families money! I am hoping to become debt free in a year because of the work you and Lilly do! Hurray! and Thank you!

  5. Tasha

    That is the moral to anything you do in life and I try to teach my kids. No matter first or 21 if you did your best, feel u tried, and finished. You have won!
    🙂 Your rewards will shine in your eyes!

  6. Amie Larocque

    I am copying this comment here so people can understand some of the concerns happening and keep an open mind to them…

    The integrity of the award is in question NOT due to Chrisitne’s post but MANY people seeing red regarding specifically, a guest speaker placing, both ‘shoe ins’ placing, and a very well established business (even one who has a contract with Dragon’s Den – DD’s lawyer services even being part of the prize – maybe not a conflict but leaves a bad taste) and one of the judges (at least) already having awarded the grand prize winner through her OWN business. Does any of this equal ungratefulness for other items? NO! Does any of this mean someone is having a pity party? NO! Does any of this mean someone is being bashed? NO! Does any of it mean the recipients weren’t deserving? NO! But it does bring in to question the integrity of the award and people have a right to speak about that and ask questions. That’s not even touching on the fact neither of the top votes even placed. I believe this happened last year as well? What are the judges looking for that the regular population isn’t seeing? According to the questions asked in the second part of the judging, Christine for example, as well as a few non placing contenders from last year, should have been a shoe in! Something seems off. So the real question becomes, is it possible that *some* entrants don’t even have a chance to win? Maybe they aren’t the type of business Mompreneur is looking to award or maybe they are a similar business as Mompreneur or one of their supporters and therefor not someone/something Momppreneur wishes to promote equally? If people are seeing it that way perhaps it’s because it looks that way. For Mompreneur supporters (not saying these questions equal not being a Mompreneur supporter even!) to try and sweep these legitimate concerns away and hush hush or judge people for speaking their minds, instead of listen to the legitimate concerns regarding conflicts of interest, etc. just makes it look worse. This message doesn’t touch on everything that seems/feels/looks bad even. These things should be acknowledged and hopefully changed to the best of one’s ability in the future to avoid people feeling the way people feel when something smells bad. If people want to minimize the concerns by telling woman to just be ‘grateful’ and not speak their minds, it REALLY makes one start to question a business who is supposed to be building woman up, not shutting them up.
    I will further this by saying there are solutions to these issues. They won’t help this years or previous years contestants but they could even out the playing field and avoid the appearance of bias for future years. For example, be clear about how the 2 extras get picked. If the judges are choosing them, it seems to me, those same judges are already bias (hence 2 less placing positions for other businesses as was shown this year). Another example, if the voting isn’t going to have any weight in the final decision, skip it all together (100 days of promotion with ones own fans is going to turn bad when just set to the side in the end). Be VERY clear about the types of business you are/aren’t willing to support with the award (maybe Mompreneur doesn’t want other businesses that support groups of Moms in business or maybe they only want businesses that sell an actual product – not saying these are right or wrong but the contest holders must be very clear in their heads about this or they are giving false hope and the results may LOOK skewed int he end). There are other suggestions I’m sure but I will stop there so as not to make this more of a novel. The last comment I will make about this for now, is that it is rude and naive to portray that this contest is a one way street as far as the contestants getting recognition. Mompreneur and other contest supporters get much exposure from the hard work of these already taxed Moms in business. Mompreneur would not exist without them. An honest from the heart approach to dealing with the concerns of these strong independent ladies (and their supporters) is not too much to ask.


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