Loving the Save.ca App ~ Saving time and money ~ Check out my review and my shop

Shopping using the SAVE.CA app!  Check out my review and the perks to the app! 

It was a busy weekend and I decided to try the Save.ca app as I had been curious for a while about its new and improved features. I was excited to save time at check-out using their online flyers versus the usual going in with hard copy flyers.  I was particularly looking for efficiency features to make shopping easier and the Save.ca app definitely delivered!

–> You can download the Save.ca app from on iTunes or Google Play


IMG_1564First thing I noticed when I downloaded the app was the interface was very clear.  I simply entered my postal code and it found all the flyers and shopping centres in my area.  Bonus was the flyers were categorized by type of store, it made it easy to go right to grocery and find stores in my area that I would be shopping at this weekend.

I started looking through some of my favourite stores and as I found items I wanted to buy, I clicked on them and they were added them to a shopping cart – wow! That is really awesome – I could not wait to see what the shopping list would look like after I was done adding things to my cart.

I also stumbled upon a few other great features.  As I could not see where diapers where on sale or Finish dish detergent was the cheapest, I went to the shopping list I had created and at the top it had a “search” bar.  I put in Pampers and WOW! It said there was 10 deals and told me the prices and linked me to the flyer where the sale was to preview.  I got excited, so I typed in bananas and it told me where they were on sale.  I simply found the lowest price and added that to my list. I even tried batteries and not Duracell and it found any brand of battery and the name-brand was listed too!  WOW! This just changed my life!

Another great feature I used is I found an amazing deal on workout gear and wanted to share it with my friends. I saw the share on FB link and clicked it and it immediately posted to my personal Facebook page to share.  I could even tweet or email those not on Facebook the deal.

IMG_1562Cashback options also had some pretty amazing features.  I was interested in the Skintimate shave gel $1 off.  When I clicked on that offer it told me not only the limitations of the deal, but how many offers Save.ca had left! I do not think I have ever seen that information published before.  I also had a cash back offer I had claimed already, so went to check on that and saw that I could cash out at $5! Lowest I have seen of cashback programs so far.  Cashback deals were also not just grocery items, ex. Tradyo had an offer that if you post something you have “for sale” on their app you would get $3 back from Save.ca.  I also liked how the cashback items were for generic products (ex. coffee), so I am not limited to a specific brand.

I looped back around to my shopping list again as I was curious if Skintimate or Coffee was on sale, so I used that search bar feature mentioned previously to find out where these products were on sale and how much.  I really like that so I can find out if cashback offers give me an amazing deal on something and where I should go to buy it that week.

My shopping list was one of the major time-savers so far. All the products I had been adding were all placed in the store folders.  Making price matching so easy as I could easily open up my shopping list in the store, and it would show the product I was buying, the store and even a clickable link back to the original flyer and the product I was price matching.  Super efficient, making my life easier and the cashiers too!

IMG_1563Finally it was time to SHOP!

I decided to do a shop and only price match using the Save.ca app to see how much I could save.  I had coupons, but decided to see how much I could be saving by only price matching.

A couple things I was impressed by is that while shopping I could use the Save.ca app to find out if a rollback sale at Walmart was truly the lowest price using my search feature on the shopping list screen of the app (was not the case with shampoo or laundry detergent I checked).  I also was really impressed that the cashier appreciated my organized check out routine with my Save.ca app screen shots of the prices. I was in and out of there in no time!

IMG_1546I purchased 25 items and my total bill came to $73.77 before taxes ( ** the jumbo box of diapers was approx 50% of the bill, so I got 24 items for $40)

Retail would have been $108.82 – a savings of $35.05!  So really it worked out to be FREE diapers for me and tons of lowest prices on food and products my family will use in the coming months!

I was super impressed with the Save.ca app and how easy it was to search for sale prices on popular items I buy for my family as well as the really awesome shopping list.  I am definitely a fan!

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