London’s NEWEST Thrift Store: Grand Opening ~ check this out!



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I was sent this great link along with some rave reviews about this thrift store from Annie.  She says she goes to this thrift store in Burlington and it rocks! Super LOW prices. Great stuff. It is unlike any other thrift store!


The Bibles for Missions stores have clothes, kitchenwares, antiques, kids stuff, books. furniture and more. “I LOVE THIS PLACE. It’s a hidden gem in Burlington” Annie says!


Example of stuff I got there:
-4 Grapefruit spoons (retro) $1
-Winter Coat (puffy and long wool coat) $8 each

-Pyrex, Corning Ware $2 each

-Tablecloths (really nice well-made kind) $1-$2 each
(I use them for my kitchen table but also use as DRAPES)
-Furniture (varies, but nothing really over $20)




So now they are opening a BIBLES for THRIFT STORES in LONDON, ONTARIO (exclusively run by volunteers)

The date is set for the London store Grand Opening. It is February 26, 2013 at 11:00 AM. Come on out and join in the festivities together with representatives from Bibles for Missions Foundations, Bible League Canada and local dignitaries. Oh, and enjoy some great shopping as well! The address is 2020 Hyde Park Road in London.




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