Lindt ~ Savour the Flavours GAME … win free chocolate bars!


Just won 2 FREE Chocolate bars 

Had about 7 to unlock …

Are you a winner?


4 thoughts on “Lindt ~ Savour the Flavours GAME … win free chocolate bars!

  1. Kayleigh

    GRR! Tried at work – Java is not installed on computer and not able to be, so couldn’t print! I kept playing to see if there were other prizes – got 4 free chocolate bars and couldn’t print any of them…BOO

  2. JD Coleman

    Same!! I was not aware that it printed with smartsource or I would have waited until I got home. I just played the first one and won a chocolate bar. I stopped playing after I lost the print and will wait until I get home to see if I win anymore. Darn!! Never won anything in the last game. First win now and lost it because I couldn’t print at work 🙁

    • christine Post author

      Email them directly, they have amazing customer service and tell them about your issues 🙂


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