Letters from Fans: Happy New Year to ME :) Thank you all for being so awesome!

At least once a day (if not more), I get an email, personal message in my Facebook account, something written on my fan page wall or someone stops me while I am out shopping to tell me that I mean more to them then I will ever know.

I started this website as a hobby back in early March 2012, to help my fellow London friends in my coupon trading group save CASH and have all the deals in one spot rather all scattered on a Facebook group wall.  It has evolved into something that I had never dreamed of : a blessing for so many people.

Thanks to you all for taking time out of your day to send me a note of thanks, this is what really makes me happy, to see you all save CASH!

Although we have never met, I feel that you are a important piece in helping me and my family survive this last year after an accident that left me unable to work . I owe you a tremendous thank you for reintroducing me to couponing and various other cost saving strategies in this last difficult year. I have saved over $2,200 since March on things that I would normally buy including a price match of a refridgerator with an extra 10% discount to beat the competitor’s price ( it pays to know your local store’s policies) and an extra 10% for not financing! That was a $800.00 savings!

Thank you for everything you do! I wish you and your family a health and safe New Year.


I had the best day today — Walmart really is the best–used 35.50 in coupons — got pampers and Huggins and wipes etc and got everything either on sale or price matched!!! So so happy. Christine, you can use this as a testimonial: I was the girl who shopped with a strict budget, whose cupboards were near bare all the time bc I only had so much to spend, and so I shopped on this limited mentality–never price matching, planning, or couponing–mostly bc I didn’t know how–and now? My cupboards are stocked and my hubby cannot complain that there’s no food! It feels so good to be in this position:)– thank you!

2 thoughts on “Letters from Fans: Happy New Year to ME :) Thank you all for being so awesome!

  1. cathy

    Happy New Year Coupon Christine:

    I discovered coupons and your website this past year! I have saved so much and
    love knowing that if I choose, I never will pay full price for anything again.

    When people ask me about couponing I tell them this, sign up for Coupon Christines website and then read it all and do what she says you should do. So simple because of you.

    Your daily updates are great and have made this so much easier for all of us! This year I would like to join a coupon trading group.

    Target is coming to town! I know you will teach us all how to use that to our great advantage.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!


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