Let’s get EXCITED! Kellogg’s Holiday Box Update

UPDATE … Kellogg’s has announced under my question about the Holiday box on their new Facebook page that they will not be doing the Holiday Box .. but rest assured they did announce they do have some surprises this month.

They already posted a 2 for 1 deal on websaver yesterday, I have a feeling we may be seeing some more KELLOGG’s LOVE

Let’s all LOVE KELLOGG’s and go show our support by LIKING THIS POST on their FAN WALL – CLICK HERE



Let’s show Kellogg’s some love and show them how much we LOVED last years Holiday Gift Box.

This AWESOME holiday gift box was released on Dec. 9 of 2011 which contained 3 full boxes of cereal + a full box of All-Brain + Rice Krispies AND AMAZING coupons! ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND it was ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Something tells me Kellogg’s will be bringing this back since they haven’t removed their website link.

I have contacted them nicely, hoping they respond with a date and if they plan to do it again – stay tuned HERE to find out!

Thanks Kellogg’s … love love LOVE your products.  Even better that you have a massive plant here in London for all of us to enjoy the Frosted Flakes smell in the air as we drive by 😉

RESPONSE … they said to stay tuned to THIS HOLIDAY PORTAL LINK for upcoming promotions.  :) 

I have a hunch this means they will be doing this again :)



16 thoughts on “Let’s get EXCITED! Kellogg’s Holiday Box Update

  1. Sharon C.

    OOooOooOOo……if they are going to include a box of All-Brain again, they should release it b4 Halloween!!! LOL!!!

  2. Sandra

    I have been a Kelloggs Kirl for years. Please bring back your cereal gift box.
    Merry Christmas Kelloggs. What would I do without cereal Christmas Morning!!!!

  3. Cheryl T.

    Am so looking forward to this again this year. It is nice that Kellogg’s thinks of their customers at christmas and not just themselves. I would like to send a big THANK-YOU to Kellogg’s.

  4. Susan G.

    I would love to get the Kellogg’s holiday gift box as I missed it last year and friends were telling my all the great coupons and cearels they got. I love rice Krispies, and making the squares for treats.

  5. Lindsey Rutledge

    Recieved this today : (

    SUBJECT: Kellogg Canada Inc.

    Thank you for contacting us on-line. We appreciate your interest in our company.

    At this time we have no plans to run the Gift box promotion again.

    Please visit http://www.kelloggs.ca click on the sign up button to receive our newsletter.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to e-mail us.


    Charmaine H.
    Consumer Response Specialist
    Consumer Affairs


  6. Shelley

    I had never heard of this until a few weeks ago.This would be great to get since money will be tight this year how will we know if they do it and to get one??

  7. Erika

    That was an amzing christmas gift to me. Who knew a big box full of cereal would get me so excited? Hope they do something similiar again. All we eat is Kelloggs!

  8. Carol

    I missed your Holiday offer last year but heard great things about it, Hopefully if you offer something this year I will not miss it TY

  9. Ann Marie Kelley

    I just read on their site that they ARE NOT sending those out again here is a copy of thier post


  10. Ann Marie Kelley

    Kellogg Canada Hello! Unfortunately, we won’t be running the gift box promotion this year however do have some special treats coming to the Facebook community shortly !

    16 hours ago · Like


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