Leap Pad Stylus Pen Reader and Activity Books ~ GREAT DEAL SPOTTED just $15.75 TOTAL!

leap padPretty excited when my great friend Kristin shared this deal with me and I had to order one for myself just to make sure we both weren’t seeing things

Have had lots of people ask me .. “but the picture on Sears.ca is JUST a pen .. ” REST ASSURED ~ this picture was taken by someone who ordered JUST THAT PEN using this special link below in step #1.  PROMISE!

Buy a LEAPFROG LeapReader for $15.75 *taxes included .. and SHIPPED to your favourite Sears location for pick up when it arrives.

    This handy little pen can help your child read and write with confidence. When used with the LeapReader and Tag books, kids are taught reading, vocabulary and listening skills that are essential to succeeding in school today.

  • Teaches reading, comprehension, phonic skills, vocabulary, writing and letter forms
  • Works with LeapReader and Tag books
  • Resembles a pen to help with motor skills, USB rechargeable
  • Includes stylus, activity book and more
  • Ages 4-8 years
  • English only, not available in Quebec
  • WATCH a VIDEO of this great reading tool

Here is how you order one (credit card is required)

1) Visit Sears.ca ~ This link goes right to the Stylus Pen Leap Reader

2) On the right, select which colour pen you want – green or pink

3) Click add to cart (yes yes yes, it just looks like a PEN, but trust me, this picture in this blog post shows what arrives as someone ordered this exact same thing and this is what showed up.  If you have troubles, reminder, Sears has a no hassle guarantee return)

4) Top right, click on the little picture of the shopping cart ~ then click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

5) Enter your email address you want them to send you confirmation to, if you have an online sears account, you also can simply log in through that account.

6) After you fill that information in section #1 about yourself, section #2 requires you to select a store nearest you that you will be picking this item up at.  To get the biggest savings and not pay shipping to your own home, you will want to ship to a Sears location.

7) Read section #3 and #4 to review your order.  Then hit the giant red CONTINUE button

8) Next screen you will prompted to review your order and information about yourself, it will show you that you have purchased the stylus pen, enter your credit card information in the box under PAYMENT.  At the VERY bottom you will see ADD A PROMOTION or COUPON CODE – check that box and then type in : 941612891.  This will reset the price, and you will then see your TOTAL BILL is $15.75 (taxes and shipping – everything).  Then follow steps to confirm your order.

NOTE: If you want to order 2 or more, you need to do it in separate transactions using this code to get them both for $15.75!  Also set up a separate account for a spouse/partner/parent as well using their address. The code is set to be one per customer, so you cannot use your same email and info to get a 2nd one.

Emails from Sears.ca to confirm your order come about 24hours later, but strongly encourage you to check spam and use an email you check OFTEN!

Merry Christmas!!!!


21 thoughts on “Leap Pad Stylus Pen Reader and Activity Books ~ GREAT DEAL SPOTTED just $15.75 TOTAL!

    • christine Post author

      DId you put your code in the PROMOTION box? not GIFT card box … scroll right to the bottom, check the box and enter the code WITHOUT spaces 🙂

    • christine Post author

      Lois 🙂 Enjoy! The picture shown was actually pre-ordered last week before I posted to make sure that by clicking this PEN .. you get what comes in the description … the picture is IDENTICAL to what Sears will have for you 🙂 ENJOY!

  1. Seira

    The picture on this page is wrong. It’s not the leapreader system like its showing on this page, it says it will work with the leapreader but it’s NOT the system they are showing in the picture on this page!

  2. Jill

    This worked for me on the first try but when I tried after that it stopped working…says the purchase doesn’t meet the coupon requirements…any ideas?? I was trying to purchase 4 for Christmas gifts for my daycare kids so I’d really like to figure it out…

    • Jill

      FYI – figured it out…just had to use different name and email for each order…luckily we are a household of 5 so that wasn’t a problem…

  3. Kristin

    Seira – it says that it will work with Leapreader and Tag books because there is 2 different types you can buy that work with this. The Leapreader books are ones that do things like showing them how to write their numbers, letters, etc. And the Tag books are the ones that help them learn to read, etc. If you look above in the info about the stylus that Coupon Christine copied & pasted from the Sears website, it says “Includes stylus, activity book and more.” The deal is exactly as shown. 🙂

  4. Vicki McPhail

    It didn’t work for me they charged me $27.05 in total for 1 pen. I just phone the 1888 number and cancelled the order. He said I didn’t meet the required amount to get a discount!

    • Christine

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you 🙁 Not sure why I’ve been receiving a ton of feedback that others had success entering in code and following steps above that I’ve outlined.

  5. Kerri

    Worked for me. I hope I get all that stuff for $15! My daughter is 3 but I think it’ll be good for her at xmas cause she can already read(memorizes) words. Thanks all!

  6. Shannon

    I ordered one on Sept. 11th, I picked it up at my Sears on Saturday!! it was exactly as the picture…thanks for the awesome deal for Christmas gift 🙂


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