Kraft: What’s Cooking Magazine

If you have always received the Kraft What’s Cooking Magazine and have never paid for it – count yourself lucky.  You have “grandfather’d’ yourself in!

Those of us who didn’t have the subscription now have to pay for the magazine now.

I have been asked by a lot of people which magazines have the best coupons.  I would say What’s Cooking from Kraft is my #1 favourite. For $18.98 for 2 years of What’s Cooking, it will pay you back in coupons if you like Kraft Products.  What’s Cooking puts out 4 magazines per year, so this works out to be $2.37 a magazine if you decide to get the 2 year subscription. You can also get 1 year for $13.98, which works out to be about $3.50 per magazine.   Tax GST/HST/PST/QST will be added to the subscription price where applicable.

The magazine has awesome recipes if you are into baking and cooking too!

Check out PAST SUBSCRIPTIONS here (thanks Jacqueline for sharing)

They only take Mastercard or Visa online

Order here



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