Kraft Samplicious returns again SOON!


Kraft Samplicious will once again be making an appearance in the next few days according to our emails.

1) make sure you’ve registered with Kraft Canada to get emails

2) you need a valid credit card to order (no pre-paid credit cards, or. Paypal allowed)

3) these went fast, but those who wanted to pay out the $10 for an amazing gift box of NEW Kraft products, Magazine and 6 FPCS were all very appreciative of this deal and got it!

4) and yes! Coupons and this offer is 100% open to Quebec residents!

According to their email: ”

Our last samplicious offer sold out in just hours.
There’s a new one in the works, and we want to make sure our best customers don’t get shut out.
Look for an email over the next few days, announcing all the details!
(C)2013 Kraft Foods. All rights reserved.

STAY tuned here next week! We will post the moment we see it!




One thought on “Kraft Samplicious returns again SOON!

  1. Melissa Falls

    I used a pre paid credit card for the last sampilicous that was out, never had a problem. Does it say that you can’t somewhere. I only use pre paid credit cards and didn’t know you couldn’t use them.


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