JULEP Nail Polish Program for $4 *NEW* Program Explained

If you aren’t already a Maven, you should be! I have gotten so many free fun boxes of nail polish + creams + remover from them, and this nail product is by far my favourite!

Here is the basics of how it works



Follow these 2 easy steps to get your own nail polish for $4

1) CLICK HERE to start the click on the menu button that says Become a Maven. Then click on #1 to take the Quick Maven Style Quiz.  

2) Congrats! You’re a Maven

At check out, you must enter the promotion code PENNY and your credit card info and you will be billed $4 (this covers the cost of shipping for Canadians).

Your first box will arrive a few weeks later.  If you want to stop the program, follow the information below under the “satisfaction guaranteed” information to not be billed again by calling the 1-877 number listed below – they are AMAZING to deal with and honestly, no questions are asked. 

4) After you have signed up, you will then get your very own REFERRAL CODE to share with your friends/family in email or facebook.  Send your referral code + this post to your friends to tell them to sign up under YOUR referral code.  You earn 1000 Jules for everyone who signs up using your code (and you can check your Jules balance in your account online to follow who has signed up with your Maven code).  Once you get 2000 points, you are entitled to FREE nail polish kits every month! Read #5 below as this is the new feature to the program

**** 5) Julep will send an email previewing your upcoming Julep Maven Box on the 20th of each month.  You MUST log into your account to either: a) skip the month and your bill  or b) apply Jules (from your referrals you got) towards getting the box shipped to you for FREE (each box requires 2000 Jules or 2 referrals).  Just log into your account between the 20th and the 24th to submit your request.   Once you hit SAVE, it stores your information and will read off their system on the 27th of month what you want to have done.  You do not pay for shipping on these boxes if you used your Jules credits.

* Mavens who sign up for their introductory box after the 18th will be charged for their first monthly box on the 27th of the following month.

BONUS: Enjoy 20% off all products plus free shipping.

Send your monthly box to a girlfriend! You don’t have to send your box to yourself, surprise a friend!  Use your Jules towards pampering your friends with Julep LOVE.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re ever unhappy with your Julep Maven box, email maven@julep.com or call1-877-651-3292, and we will personally take care of you!  If after the $4 is taken off your bill and you don’t want to be bothered with trying to get referrals, make sure you call them RIGHT AWAY to have your credit card removed.  They are AWESOME at doing this and I have heard nothing buy positive reviews – there is NO questions asked to do this.  $4 for a FUN box of nail things is a score!


My awesome friend LAURA won a GOLD BOX  … look at what came for her … yep .. FREE! Once you sign up, you get a referral code and you just need 2 of your friends to LOVE JULEP and sign up as well using your referral code and you will automatically get JULEP CODES!  Cancel at ANY TIME – they never question or bug you about it!

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