Join us Tuesday Feb 9th at 8pm for the twitter party! #saveitfwd



High cost of taking care of our families and rising  prices are affecting us all. How about joining in and having a great conversation with each other about our own money saving tips, on groceries and everyday savings? Sounds like a plan ! Join us! 

Follow @SAVECA and tweet along using hashtag #saveitfwd 

Ready for some great prizes? Great conversation and tips! 

Sign up for Tuesday February 9th a 8pm and join us! Click here! 



So what is a Twitter party?

All there is to know about Twitter Parties


How Twitter parties work

The host of the Twitter party will use a hashtag (#) as their party theme thread. This hashtag typically will be unique to what the host is promoting or hoping to create attention. In this instance is using the hashtag #saveitfwd – as in how couponers can help one another from family/ close friends and strangers by saving it forward and sharing the coupon love!

Twitter parties typically have amazing gifts. In this case, $50 VISA GIFT CARDS! Winners are selected by the hosts running the twitter party and the winner is asked to send a private message through twitter to the main page (ex. #saveca) to have the gift card mailed to them.Save.ca_Logo_blue_cmyk

How do you join a Twitter party?

You are following a thread of hashtags # – almost like following the leader game. Once you see the leader post a question, you are following by tweeting back the response with the #hashtag in the response so the host can see your answer on their twitter page. Ensuring you hashtag #saveitfwd will connect you to the game.

Example. During the twitter party, the host will ask questions to their guests. “What do you do to save money?

The guests in the Twitter party would answer: “Coupon and Price Match #saveitfwd”

How do I see the questions in a Twitter party and keep up?

The Twitter party moves quickly and you may find refreshing your browser is hard work. Twitter party websites/apps such as HootSuite, TweetDeck  or will help you follow a party much easier and allow you to keep up with the questions and answers. Simply download and login to your Twitter account and set up the party you will be joining using the #saveitfwd,

Have Fun!

Twitter parties are a great way to win some amazing parties especially when attendance is not high. You will make some new friends, get some shout outs from others and have fun answering questions. Anyone can join, its free AND you could win some amazing prizes. 



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