JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGES – $1.98 with mailed out coupon

If you were doing your homework and emailed these companies to ask for coupons … Johnsonville sends you $1 coupons valid on ANY product

Well if you have your coupon at RCSS starting Fri. Oct 5 – Thurs. Oct. 11 .. time to use it for some Thanksgiving brunch meals

$2.98 for the 375-500g (16 count sausages) with the $1 mailed out coupon = $1.98!



One thought on “JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGES – $1.98 with mailed out coupon

  1. carrie

    I actually already used my coupons for this item and got a good deal. they were 3.99 plus 30% off plus i had my $1 off coupon. so i got mine for $1.79 so just a few cents cheaper.


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