Is your BLIZZARD Upside Down? If not, its FREE!

upside downGot news today that ..

A current DQ promotion that was sent out to all staff that notes … if staff does NOT turn your blizzard UPSIDE DOWN, customer is given an FPC *still not sure if you can redeem that FPC on that current blizzard – will confirm*

Restrictions that apply is that this is not valid at drive thru, and not valid on any flavours not listed on the menu, not valid on blizzards where extra flavours are added, or if you order a bunch of blizzards, staff ONLY have to flip one.  It is also not valid during miracle treat day (Aug. 8, 2013).

Check to see if your store participates if they neglect to turn it down, but my understanding is this is a memo that circulated out to all Southwestern Stores!

DQ is a franchise so individual owner do not have to participate in all promotions best way to know if your location is participating is if they have the marketing posters up that say upside down or free if they have it posted and advertised they are obviously taking part in the promotion

Not currently advertised in stores, BUT talk to a manager if your blizzard isn’t turned upside down to get a FREE blizzard the next time you are in!

One thought on “Is your BLIZZARD Upside Down? If not, its FREE!

  1. georgina

    At my DQ location, they have a sign besides the blizzard menu. flip it or it’s free.
    I have gotten a fpc for blizzard not being flipped. At my location you are given a FPC for future of the same size that was purchased (valid at the location where purchased & no expiry date).


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