Introducing my 2nd SEGMENT of “Still Available Coupons and Freebies”

I am going to try to post this once a week – go back over a few of the coupon and sample goodies and give you links as to what is STILL available.  This gives you the opportunity to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Tonight I focus on FREE SAMPLES that are STILL AVAILABLE 🙂

One more way I am trying to make couponing/saving money easier for you all 🙂

Breakfast Made Fun (Nutella) give away 

Breathe Right Nasal Strip

Motrin Sample

Mario Badescu Sample (just make sure you check your email to confirm after you get the email from them to ship your products)

List of a TON of FREE baby and toddler samples to sign up for

Enfapro A Sample

Shoppers Voice Survey (sends both samples + coupons)

FREE magazines (not samples – but still deserving of this list)

Emergen Sample

Free Vitamints Sample

Customized Johnny Walker and Crown Royal Labels for your bottles

Aitken`s Sample

Purex Sample (and coupon)

Finish Sample (and coupon)

Free Veggie Tales Download singing using your child`s name

Milupa Samples + Free Spoon

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