How to correctly complete your Physicians Formula MIR: Get some CHEAP/FREE make-up NOW!

Physicians FormulaMail in Rebates can be very time consuming, but spending 5 minutes to make sure you have crossed everything off and completed things correctly can save you a big headache in the end.  (Headache being NOT getting your cheque at the end of the promo).

Physicians Formula (sold at RCSS, Loblaws and SDM) is a GREAT product and I did last years mail in rebate and got some really great make up for close to nothing.

I was low on blush, so decided to try this promo again

Here are the steps:

1) Look for the SPECIALLY purpled ticketed Physicians Formula products.  These stickers MUST be in tact and purple!  Last years promo was bright pink and those you cannot use with this years promotion

2) Buy the product (best when on sale – my blush was $10.99 and the rebate was for $7 off!)

3) keep your receipt and ALL packaging as you need the UPC code from the box + the receipt to mail into Physicians Formula

4) Visit the Physicians Formula REBATE website and find the EXACT product you bought.  Each rebate has a logo at the top, just make sure when you download the form, the box picture of your product matches the rebate form

5) Fill out the form completely and CLEARLY – it needs to be legible.  Great suggestion is to just attach beside your printed name a mail label you may already have from your Christmas cards or from couponing when you mail out envelopes.

6) ** attach the PURPLE sticker from the box onto the form.** IMPORTANT STEP

7) I also snip out and attach the UPC code directly to this form, no confusion! ** IMPORTANT STEP**

8) Mail back to address provide – print clearly on envelope as well.

9) Attach sufficient postage (one stamp should do) on your envie

10) VOILA! Wait 8-10 wks (and this one does typically take that long) and you will get a cheque back from their company!


2 thoughts on “How to correctly complete your Physicians Formula MIR: Get some CHEAP/FREE make-up NOW!

  1. elusive

    actually some of this year’s rebate stickers are also pink. just make sure you see an expiry date on the front of it (Nov. 30/13). it you don’t see a date, don’t buy it, it’s probably last year’s.

  2. Melanie

    Thx! Found some great deals at shoppers! You bought more than one product right? Combined with a sale, it comes out to only a few dollars 🙂


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