How can you get 2 TACO kits + FREE MEAT for under $3.00??? Check this out!

Were you lucky enough to score a FREE PRODUCT COUPON (FPC) for an Old El Paso taco kit last month?

If you were …

Walmart is promoting Old El Paso Taco Kits (Reg. Price $3.47) and NO FRILLS has them on for $2.99 – boxes  have a coupon for $4 off ground beef or ground chicken or boneless, skinless chicken when you buy an Old El Paso Taco Kit.

So using your FPC, get a taco kit with the promotional deal on the box for the meat on the first shopping trip.  Cut out the inside of the box and go back in while Walmart is having their sale on the kits for $3.47 and get FREE meat (valid up to $4 off) using the coupon you just cut out of the first box!

So .. you get 2 TACO kits + FREE MEAT (valid up to $4 off) for just under $3.00 at No Frills and $3.50 at Walmart!

Thanks Rocko and Bobbi


2 thoughts on “How can you get 2 TACO kits + FREE MEAT for under $3.00??? Check this out!

  1. Terri

    I already did this at my Food Basics last week when the kits were $2.99. It was a great deal, and I still have one more $4 off coupon to redeem, and FB still has the kits on sale for $2.99. I love deals like this.

  2. Jennifer

    The FPC for the taco kits is only valid on the Extra Mild (new), spicy fajita and taco kits which do not have the beef coupons on them.


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