Homemade cleaners and FRUGAL TIPS from fans


I use many homemade recipes to keep chemicals out of my home and to save money, so here are a few I use! If you know more message me !

Homemade product recipes. 


Homemade oven cleaner

Mix 8 tbsp baking soda, 8 tbsp Dawn or Palmolive dish liquid, and 6 tbsp vinegar in a large bowl, it will foam up so you need a large one.  Rub a thin coat of the paste on your oven door, sides, and the bottom , covering all of it. Try not to do it too thick or its hard to get it out and time consuming.

Let it sit for 10 minutes then wipe out with a damp cloth. Voila!

Much nicer smelling , easier and no fumes!


Homemade carpet and upholstery cleaner.

1 tbsp dish soap

1 tbsp white vinegar

2 cups hot water

Baking soda

  1. If it is a dried stain brush and remove as much loose ‘stain’ as you can.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and wait 10 minutes. You can use a gentle scrub brush to spread it lightly. Then vacuum it up.
  3. Mix the dish soap, vinegar, and water together.
  4. With a clean cloth, start dabbing the stain remover on the stain. Do not rub hard blot.dab gently each time using a clean part of the cloth to dab.
  5. Keep blotting until it’s completely gone.




tips and tricks


Here are some great tips and tricks compiled from Coupon Christine fans!

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Note: Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of duplicates in this list – you guys did an amazing job compiling this list!

  1. Grow your own vegetables and fruit. Freeze or can for the winter
  2. Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers!!!!
  3. My mom uses “the favorites” of my childrens clothes to make memory quilts, so they will have those memories forever and also be warm and snuggly
  4. Follow coupon christine  I have saved so much since I have started following her
  5. Sew your own clothes, and your childrens clothes – buy fabric on sale, or up-cycle thrift store clothing.
  6. If I’m not using it I unplug it saves a lot of hydro
  7. Feed kids fresh veggies n fruit! In the long run its healthier and cheaper! I find my kids turn down cookies for some cooked broccoli
  8. Taking along snacks and drinks on every car trip saves stoppig for snacks or meals most of the time
  9. Renting dvds from the library allows us entertainment with no costs and we cancelled satelite and don’t have cable to keep bills lower
  10. Plan meals so you’re not tempted to go out to eat when it’s suppertime and you don’t have any idea what to have!!
  11. Don’t buy books, go to the library !
  12. Use internet to download shows that otherwise cost extra to add to cable bill
  13. Make sure you make a little extra at dinner so you aren’t tempted to just buy your lunch at work.
  14. Hang your clothes to dry!
  15. Use paper towels.more than once before tossing
  16. 6 am wake ups to fill the dishwasher and run it before the hydro goes up at 7 am. No sleeping in here very often but it save some. I could do it after 7 pm but by evening I am tired out.
  17. We only have cell phone no home phone!
  18. Cook cheap cuts of meat in your crockpot
  19. Make homemade soups and sauces. Bigger batches mean leftovers!
  20. Grow a garden
  21. Pick a couple multi purpose cleaners to do the majority of your cleaning instead of buying a different cleaner for each individual job.
  22. Hand-me-downs!
  23. Reuse bags for gifts
  24. Share bulk items at Costco with family membersgarden
  25. Shop 2nd hand
  26. Use old towels as dish cloth
  27. Use a coffee filter in place of bowls for chips and snacks. Absorbs the grease.
  28. Always buying my children’s clothes a season ahead.
  29. Send coupons to your families houses too so they can give you the ones they won’t use. Like my sister who doesn’t have any children…but gets baby coupons lol
  30. Couponing :))bringing my binder with me incase of instore sales/ clearance etc.
  31. I plant a huge veggie garden every year (for the past 28yrs) then freeze some veggies and can my own stewed tomatoes,pickles, pickled beets,make my own relish(cucumber relish and corn relish) make jars of chilli sauce etc etc.
  32. Reuse water bottles
  33. Stock up on cheese bars when they are on sale and freeze them
  34. Make your own laundry soaps and cleaners!
  35. Homemade baby food is much less expensive than buying jars.
  36. Reuse wrapping paper, tissue and gift bags
  37. Cut my own hair
  38. Reuse old socks for dusting
  39. Call your service providers ( bell, telus etc ) and check out what the latest discounts or offers are-i do this every 6 months!! and save at least 20$ since the promotions are usually 3 months long…
  40. Use coffee filters for cleaning windows and mirrors…streak free!
  41. Buy gifts on sale and clearance racks
  42. Don’t use credit cards
  43. Buy clothes off season for next year.
  44. Only wash with cold water
  45. Use a notebook to write down every cent you spend
  46. Shop for Christmas/ Birthday gifts all year long to get the best deals!
  47. Cloth diapers, and washeable wipes!
  48. Buy club packs of meat and freeze individual portions
  49. Save the water from when you boil veggies, and freeze it to use for homemade soup!
  50. Shop the day before new sales start. Usually lots of fifty percent off stickers
  51. Price matching .
  52. Doing laundry in off peak times. Pre set washer for 5am in the morning and than hang on line when I wake up:).dryer
  53. Some foods you can save by making your own.. like granola bars, baby food, etc.
  54. Price match at home depot for an additional 10%
  55. Use toilet paper to blow your nose instead of tissues!!!
  56. Re use dryer sheets in your dresser drawers
  57. I mix 2% milk too with water and powder milk ,then I cut the milk bag at the top, wash out, hang to dry and re-use as freezer bags….the strongest freezer bags ever!
  58. If using fabric sheets, tear them in half. they’ll still soften and remove static just the same
  59. Hang your cloting on a line and then put in dryer only to fluff and save your clothes from piling and save $$$ on hydro. Hydro rates are going up.
  60. Save your cereal bags, they are perfect for freezing cake and cookies.
  61. Hang clothes indoors when its cold
  62. Leave husband and kids at home when you shop. If they anything like mine they don’t stick to a list
  63. Join a coupon group of traders…with many people who are willing to share their great finds so that everyone saves
  64. Wash your milk bags out and use to freeze food.
  65. Checkout 51. An app. You buy an item, see if it is on checkout 51. Upload a pic of the receipt and you save money instantly. I bought bacon at 3 dollars uploaded my receipt to them and they gavel 2 dollars. Then I spent over 60 on a grocery trip and uploaded my receipt and they gave me 1 dollar.
  66. Use day old bread to make your own breadcrumbs
  67. Look for products that have coupons attached
  68. Shut the water off when brushing your teeth and turn on only to rinse. You will save $$$ on water going down the drain.
  69. Cooking from scratch saves me money
  70. I take extra inserts from recycle bins to have lots of extra coupons to share with my friends and family.
  71. Use the coupon flyer matchups from CouponChristine.com
  72. I like to shop at stores near closing and get all the clearance half off items especially in meat
  73. I reuse the “frosting tubs” for freezer jam! They have a safe plastic number so why not?
  74. Always get a second quote on any major purchase/repair.
  75. Use coupons for free/cheap entertainment
  76. Find a coupon buddy to share coupons with. Don’t miss out as much if two are always looking.
  77. When candles get towards the bottom i get a new glass holder and put wicks in and pour the remaining wax inside. makes lots of layers by the time your done and smells great cause u get a different scent every couple hours! Never let a drip waste!
  78. Reuse anything that can be reused. Share clothes with friends. It’s like getting new clothes all the time.
  79. Keep an eye on the clearance sections
  80. Ask for samples of new pet food at a local pet store.
  81. Use egg cartons to hold arts and crafts supplies
  82. Get a power strip with a timer on it.
  83. Turn milk bags into a plant holder.
  84. Use old but clean sock to dust… they fit easily on your hands and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  85. Repurpose furniture and other items in to something else. Like a crib can be turned in to a desk for your kids….or a bassinette in to a toy box
  86. When tomatoes become too ripe throw them in the freezer and keep them to make spaghetti sauce. same with cherry tomatoes
  87. Heinz in leamington has union days so if you’re in a union you can go and get ketchup for as little as $1.50 per bottle and lots of other great items super cheap. I love going!
  88. Make your own frozen treats in the summer cheaper healthier and fun to let the kids join in
  89. Collect points scene, air miles, optimum etc
  90. Donate to food banks if you are not going to use all your finds
  91. Newspapers work as great windows cleaning cloths.
  92. Shop on kijiji
  93. Sign up for free samples
  94. No name brands are just as good as the expensive ones, some I even like better!
  95. Banana peels work as a great shoe polish!
  96. Wash your J-clothes.
  97. Bring your own bags grocery shopping and remember a small cooler now that its getting warm.reusable
  98. Wash ziploc bags to resume
  99. Trade garden plants instead of buying them
  100. Use old tea bags as plant fertilizer
  101. Save egg cartoons and toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls for kids crafts.
  102. I dump the dehumidifier water on the flower beds instead of down the drain
  103. Car pool
  104. Don’t grocery shop when hungry
  105. Buy gifts that are brand new at yard sales, flea markets,/////
  106. Get as many points cards as you can,Pc points, shoppers optimum, air miles, sobeys, longos, ..you can get tons of things from free groceries to movie tickets.
  107. Use bread heels to soften hard brown sugar
  108. I buy used baby clothing online
  109. Resuse old bags from bread and milk etc to put stinky diapers in instead of buying diaper genie refills
  110. Drive with cruise control on when possible to save on gas money
  111. Use local online auction sites to buy and sell products
  112. Buy spices in bulk. So much cheaper!
  113. Reduce your watering….let mother nature water your grass
  114. Use vinegar as rinse agent in your Automatic Dishwasher!!!!
  115. I buy half a cow to save on costs.
  116. Don’t write names on birthday card envelopes, you can reuse them!
  117. I barter a lot for things like haircuts. No cash out of pocket.
  118. Have a compost in your yard
  119. Save scraps of paper for grocery lists
  120. Grow my own herbs
  121. Take your/your husbands empties back to the beer store instead of just recycling them.
  122. Know your prices and know when certain items are going on sale
  123. Put a dry towel in with the wet laundry and it dries faster
  124. I am planting my flowers by seeds this year and they are perennials so they will keep coming back!
  125. Use old toothbrushes to scrub cracks or grout!brown bag
  126. Use old ice cream containers as tupperware
  127. I used to always buy my batteries for the kids toys at the dollar store…way cheaper at giant tiger!!
  128. My neighbours share the wealth of their summer gardens. Homegrown goodness
  129. Brown bag your lunch
  130. Install motion sensor light switches in children’s rooms and other areas where the lights are likely to be left on by mistake
  131. Use dollar stores
  132. I stopped buying dryer sheets to remove static from our laundry. I use a ball of tinfoil instead and it lasts forever!
  133. Buy Halloween costumes after Halloween at 50% off for your kids dress up bins!
  134. Great bathroom & tap cleaner, half Dawn Dish Soap & half Vinegar!!! Great
  135. I meet my banker once every year or two to readjust our bank accounts to ensure we are getting the best interest rates and least expensive accounts possible.
  136. I buy enough school supplies at the end of September to hold over our business for a few months.
  137. Join a bartering site in your town. If you don’t have one, start one!
  138. I cut my toothpaste tubes in half to make sure i get every bit of paste out before i toss it.
  139. Use reusable containers in your children’s lunches to avoid over using baggies
  140. Walk whenever possible. Saves a lot on gas instead of running the car to the corner store.
  141. Consider changing service providers – we’re switching insurance companies and saving over 100/month because of hubby’s group plan through work
  142. Try to limit eating in restaurants to 1x per month
  143. Dilute fabric softener as its a concentrate and can be hard on your washing machine
  144. Downy Unstoppables in wax burner…house smells like fresh laundry! Best thing ever!!!!!
  145. If I’m looking for a big ticket item I start looking months ahead and track sales till I find a good one and randomly check stores for clearance items.
  146. I have been popping popcorn in a pot like my mom use to for the kids school snacks!
  147. Find homemade recipes for everyday use stuff…
  148. Shop with a friend when they put limits on products, then take them out for a treat with the money you have saved!
  149. Use farmers markets
  150. Rotate any food stockpiles to avoid spoilage

3 thoughts on “Homemade cleaners and FRUGAL TIPS from fans

  1. Wendy

    “144.Downy Unstoppables in wax burner…house smells like fresh laundry! Best thing ever!!!!!”
    Loved this idea!

  2. Kari

    Take the money you save after each shopping trip and put into a savings account. You can then use the savings for a vacation, RRSP or TFSA, tuition..etc.


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