Holiday Shopping for Adults: Where can I get a good deal?

We will be doing an entire blog post and updating it with new deals we find for how to save money on the ADULTS on your HOLIDAY list.

Check back here for more MONEY SAVING TIPS to help cut costs when buying for the adults on your list.

*NEW DEAL – Road Side Assistance Program with Canadian Tire – and what they don’t tell you on here but what you do get is also 4 coupons for $19.95 oil changes whenever you want them which essentially makes the silver road side assistance package FREE

* Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption – FREE Cologne/Perfume

* Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption – FREE new family camera

* Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption – FREE magazines and books

* Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption – FREE spa / gift baskets for bathroom soaps

* Watch the flyers for slashing prices on coffee makers, toasters, dishes, etc.

* If your partner (older children) like to shop at a particular store (RW&Co or Roots), get on their email list, last year they had a promo at a few stores that when you bought a $50 gift card you got a bonus $25 git card to give to someone else!

* Check out for all the latest posts for teambuying websites (check it out everyday to not miss anything from any team buying website) – you could score yourself gifts for up to 75% off (ex. spas, weekend away getaways, razors, etc.)

* Save money on gas and the headache of a busy crowded mall this holiday and start looking online.,, and many other great stores have ONLINE shopping websites. DON’T FORGET to check the CLEARANCE sections of these websites :) Great finds!



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