“Hey Coups! Where is the CHEAPEST PRICE LIST this week (March 15 – 21, 2013)?”

produce and fruit veg

** Do you notice we had to change the Title of this post to just be “Cheapest Price List” …

You want to know why?



In the best prices list the LOWEST price SEEDLESS grapes are at Food Basics for .95 lb, 2.09kg


Well, we now list the cheapest place to buy:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Diapers, Wipes AND Formula
  • Pop, Milk and Toilet Paper
  • Cheese and Bread

We once again scoured the Ontario flyers to find you the CHEAPEST places to shop this week (GREAT for price matching) and its PRINTABLE too! WOW ! Saves you time and MONEY.

Cheapest Price List Meat,Produce,TP and Diapers,Pop mar 15 – mar 21 ,2013

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Take a look … it will save you so much time!

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I would like to thank Jennifer for helping us with this post. 



7 thoughts on ““Hey Coups! Where is the CHEAPEST PRICE LIST this week (March 15 – 21, 2013)?”

  1. Susan

    Just a word, and a correction for your list this week!

    Green seedless grapes are on sale at food basics this week for 0.95/lb!!!!

    Also, I would love it if Checkout 51 products were marked on the list — for example Country Harvest is on for $2 at FB I think and CO 51 is $1.00 off this week. I’m always curious to know where the cheapest price is — even if there is not another coupon to match with it.

    • christine Post author

      We are just finishing up our *match-ups* …. this is where you will see the Country Harvest Susan

    • Linda

      I just wanted to add, there is a country harvest tear pad coupon for $.75. (found them at Giant tiger), so $2.00 @ No Frills – .75, +$1.00 checkout51. =.25 bread :)

  2. Kristan

    Thanks for posting – i love this! I just printed mine out to take to the grocery stores with me!

  3. Girlydoll

    Just a question, is there some reason why you are not adding fish to your shopping list? If you added that to your list it would be much more well rounded! Especially when sales on Salmon come up as it is usally very expensive off season!

    • christine Post author

      No reason – perhaps just not on sale, but I will mention this to Jen to make a note of that :) Thanks for suggestion

  4. Cathy Moulton

    When I print my first page of the produce it is highlighted and when i print it comes out black and very difficult to see and I am getting old you know lol!


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