“Hey Coups! Where is the CHEAPEST PRICE LIST this week (August 29 – Sept 5, 2013)”

produce and fruit veg** Did you notice we had to change the Title of this post to just be “Cheapest Price List” …

You want to know why?

Well, we now list the cheapest place to buy:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Diapers, Wipes AND Formula
  • Pop, Milk and Toilet Paper
  • Cheese and Bread

We once again scoured the Ontario flyers to find you the CHEAPEST places to shop this week (GREAT for price matching) and its PRINTABLE too! WOW ! Saves you time and MONEY.

Cheapest Price List Meat,Produce,TP and Diapers,Pop August 30 – september 5 ,2013

REVISION: 2lb carrots and onions are cheaper at food basic 2/$1.00  – thanks Ashely B.

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Take a look … it will save you so much time!

** Thank you so much to my amazing admin Jennifer M. for sharing these EVERY week! xoxox**

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2 thoughts on ““Hey Coups! Where is the CHEAPEST PRICE LIST this week (August 29 – Sept 5, 2013)”

  1. Lisa

    I discovered your site when mrsjanuary was on holidays this month. Your “Cheapest Price List” is my all time fav! Thank you! You help me jump straight to the information I want and need fast!

    • christine Post author

      WELCOME LISA! We are glad you have stumbled upon something you will use weekly – these are typically up Thursday/Friday EVERY week for you to enjoy!


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