Herbal Essence – $2.99 minus $2 off peelie = .99 cents

herbalHave you been keeping your eye on PEELIES?

Herbal Essence is on sale at SDM for $2.99 … with the $2 off peelies found on the product, you can get some shampoo for .99!

Coupon peelies have been spoted at Shoppers Drug Mart  in Toronton at Kingston Rd and MCcowan ~ Cliffcrest Plaza.  So KEEP your eyes open!


Thanks Cathy S for the heads up!

2 thoughts on “Herbal Essence – $2.99 minus $2 off peelie = .99 cents

    • christine Post author

      Kayleigh – it truly depends on the store if they will let you use a coupon peelie from in store + a manufacturer store. Some stores allow, others do not


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