Where to get coupons

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…. it is sort of important to HAVE coupons to coupon ;)

Accessing coupons is easy once you know where to look

1) Tear Pads – these are located in front of products in local grocery and pharmacies (my favourite places include Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart).  Make friends with your local store manager and ask him/her when they typically put out tear pads.  Often stores follow either a beginning or end of the month trend.

- Another format of tear pads is Coupon Zone coupon walls – these are located at Loblaw, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills and Independent grocery stores in the main foyer of the store between in entrance and exit doors of the store. These coupons are exclusive store specific coupons and have their own rules associated with them written on the back.

2) Coupon Inserts – these are those shiny booklets that come out with the flyers on Thursday night (depending on the area and what area the companies wanted to distribute to) or your local newspapers typically on Saturday morning (see list below)



3) Mailed Coupons – My favourite place to get coupons is in my mailbox.  You need to visit the following sites, set up accounts with each one, and select the coupons you want and then 2-3 weeks later, coupons arrive :)


4) Printable coupons – from the comfort of your computer chair, you can print great coupons you and your family can use today :)


My other favourite sites I recommend for printable coupons include: