HELPFUL TIPS: Back to School Clothing Shopping ~ Where to find Deals?

AMERICA FERRERAThis tip may be more helpful for older children and even those fans off to college/university this year, but you can get creative and start to think about shoe stores your young kids shop at, or even places where they get their hair cut too!

Think about some of your favourite stores you shop at and visit their CANADIAN website and check to see if they have an EMAIL LIST ~ get on those! They will be emailing you like crazy wanting your business, wanting you to be their walking branding around campus/class for their clothes and products, so they will be offering some great deals + printable coupons for you to enjoy in their stores in the coming weeks!  Make sure you also tell them your REAL birthday (if they ask on their online forms), they often send you deals around your birthday for FREEBIES or fun perks!


  1. H&M 
  2. RW&Co
  3. Reitman’s (bottom left, just enter your EMAIL)
  4. First Choice Hair Cutters
  5. Payless (enter email at bottom, in centre)

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