Heard about the new ‘Baby Box?’.Read and register !

baby boy with big gift boxWhat is a Baby Box?

The baby box is a Finnish tradition that started over 75 years ago. It is given to mothers a few months before the birth and includes a wide range of products chosen to help parents and their babies get an equal start in life. Baby boxes even have a mattress at the bottom, meaning the double as a snuggly place for newborns to take their first naps.

Baby Box Canada is now taking off in Ontario! Over 3000 parents-to-be already secured their spot at the top of our list. Sponsors and contributors have signed up too and many more are in the works.This is where you come in: Before we can start distribution we need to reach a goal of 5000+ “parent-to-be”s registered so now is your chance!

Having your name on our list will get all of us closer to reaching our goal. and will get you closer to receiving a Baby Box of your very own*.

Sign up for a Baby Box.


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