Guest Post: Buying a Computer/Laptop ~ Understanding the Lingo

Buying a new computer can be a big expense, also a daunting task as how are you supposed to know what ram and special features you are supposed to get to make sure it runs smooth the moment you plug it all in!

A fantastic fan Andrew helps you all figure it out!  What to know, the secrets no one tells you, and how sales people try to up-sell you on useless features!

There are many aspects in purchasing a computer. At this very moment in technology, we are moving away from desktop computers to laptops, from laptops to cell phones and cell phones to tablets. Although we are very thankful to have cell phones and tablets, printing coupons isn’t easily accessible from those devices and we mainly use laptops or desktop computers for that.

Today I am going to explain what you need to look for in purchasing a desktop computer and a laptop computer. In order to be able purchase a computer that suits your needs, you need to decide if you would like to purchase a desktop computer or a laptop computer. A desktop computer lasts longer than a laptop computer, while using a desktop computer, you do not have to worry about your battery running out or replacing it, having cords all over the place and a low quality microphone and webcam. I am not saying you shouldn’t be purchasing a laptop but if you want something that is going to work for more than 2-3 years, a desktop is preferred but if you prefer something portable and if don’t mind cords all over the place then a laptop is alright.

When purchasing a DESKTOP computer, you should be purchasing it with the following criteria:

  • A monitor bigger than 20″ because we never ever want to ruins our eyes.
  • The RAM having at least 6 GBS or more.
  • Hard Drive having at least 500 GBS.
  • A graphics card that suits your needs. If you are planning to use it for basic needs and not gaming than a normal   desktop computer should be fine but if you are planning to use it in many ways then you need to do research on that graphics card to see if it is going to work for you.
  • Have a DVD player.
  • At least or more than 4 USB plug ins.
  • SD card reader
  • Ability to upgrade the computer (if necessary/ applicable)
  • An efficient processor
  • *When purchasing a desktop computer, you would need to purchase the following if needed a webcam, microphone (if the webcam does not have one), a printer cord unless the computer has wireless capabilities, speakers

When purchasing a LAPTOP computer, you should be purchasing it with the following criteria:

  • An appropriate screen size
  • The Ram having at least 4 GBS or more
  • The hard drive having at least 500 GBS
  • Graphics card that does the job for you.
  • DVD Player
  • At least or more than 2 USB plugins computer2
  • SD card slot reader
  • Webcam
  • A processor that suits your needs.
  • Speakers
  • Microphone

Here are some important information/ tips that you should know or that may be helpful:
– Test whatever you want to buy in-store being making a purchase. Make sure the computer is what you want, you never want to buy a computer online you have never tested and then hating on it. 

– Purchasing extended warranty; do not purchase it unless you computer is like 800 dollars or more, the chances are that when your computer breaks down after the 1 year warranty, a new product is a already out that and whatever you are owning is old.

Sales pitches, “free set-up/ installation”, “Microsoft Office at this low price”. Chances are you already know how to set up a computer and the catch ‘free’ isn’t really free because you would need to purchase something in order to gain that. Microsoft office is a powerful piece of software but there are free softwares like OpenOffice that can do what you need or Google Drive for example.


Purchase a mouse for your laptop, chances are you’ll get sore using the mousepad so a USB plugin mouse would ease up your pain.

Watch the product you want for a few months, keeping an eye on it will ensure you getting it at the lowest price possible. 

Research/ look around for coupons to save money on the computer.

Ask your techie friend for advice.

Overall, the above is your tip sheet for purchasing a computer so happy shopping!

Stay tuned for the next post about BUYING a Big Screen TV! 

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    Guest Post: Buying a Computer/Laptop ~ Understanding the Lingo
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    Very good post. Gives a good understanding of the basics when looking to purchase IT equipment. We run an eCommerce store ourselves in the IT district.

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