Great Christmas Present/Stocking Stuffer: Razor & 24 cartridges for $15!

Toronto daily deals - - Up to 57% off a Razor Handle plus a 6-Month Supply of Cartridges from (2 Options)


  • 24 cartridges and 1 Triple or Smoothie razor handle (3 blades) OR 18 cartridges and 1 Five-O razor handle (5 blades)
  • Stock up on half a year’s worth of cartridges without leaving your home
  • 3 razors to choose from
  • For men and women

There is something about looking sharp that demands respect, but sporting cuts and shaving nicks leaves one looking rather too sharp:

  • $15 for 1 Triple razor handle for men or 1 Smoothie razor handle for women (both with 3 blades) with a 6-month supply of 24 cartridges (a $34.50 value) select the men’s razor or the women’s razor at checkout
  • $27 for 1 Five-O razor handle (5 blades) with a 6-month supply of 18 cartridges (a $48 value) unisex


THis product will ship to your home after the deal closes, product will be shipped directly to the address listed in your account profile. Product will arrive within 2-3 weeks of deal closing date (September 27).

Render faces and legs smooth and silky with a brand-new razor designed to cut to the root of hair-related problems. Equipped with three sharp blades, the Triple razor is specifically designed to take on men’s rough skin while the Smoothie is meant for women. For a heftier tool sporting five blades and a trimmer blade for hard-to-reach areas, choose the Five-O razor, a unisex model ready to gently strip skin of unwanted hair. All three razors are accompanied by six months’ worth of cartridges to render skin soft and supple.

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