Globally Local: How it Works and Why You Need to Try It!

globally local logoGlobally Local – a growing company on a mission to bring you locally grown and organic produce at an affordable price every week.

STEP 1: Are you in the delivery or pick up area that Globally Local currently serves?

Globally Local currently serves the following areas: London, Strathroy, Mt. Brydges, St Thomas AND Chatham

a) LONDON CUSTOMERS ~ You can do 1 of 2 things.  When ordering your box, you can decide to a) pick up at one of three locations (click on the locations below to see maps) for FREE or b) have it delivered in the city for $4 on either Wednesday OR Thursday (your choice again when you check out on the website).  Little tidbit: If you put in your CELL number on the order form, they will text you when your Globally Local box is on route.  You can also call anytime the day of your delivery to find out approximately what time they will arrive (519.488.6536)

If you are a London customer and decide to pick up your bin, you will be asked to select from the following locations/dates and times at check-out when you order a bin:

Our Warehouse 1350 Wharncliffe Road S. Unit #10  PICK UP ONLY on  Wednesday from 4-5pm OR ​Thursday from 4-6pm

Our Friend’s Place  122 Edgar Drive   PICK UP ONLY on Wednesday from 7-8pm

Hillside Church  250 Commissioners Road E  PICK UP ONLY on Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm

b) STRATHROY CUSTOMERS ~ your bin will be ready for pick up at the Crock A Doodle ​​(519) 245-8558 at  78 Frank St., on Wednesday from 5-6pm.  At checkout you will be required to pay a $2 fee for the “local ambassador” to Strathroy to pick up your produce and store it at Crock A Doodle.

c) MT.BRYDGES CUSTOMERS ~ your bin will be ready for pick up at the Rockin Wheel, 23134 Tobacco Rd., Mt. Brydges​ ​​(519) 871-7355Jen Shular on Wednesday from 5-6pm. Type in “Rockin Wheel Mt. Brydges” into google maps to locate on GPS.  At checkout you will be required to pay a $2 fee for the “local ambassador” to Mt Brydges to pick up your produce and hand it out on Wednesday

d) ST.THOMAS CUSTOMERS ~ your bin will be delivered directly to your home for a $4.75 fee (this includes the shipping box).  Simply list your address at check-out, enter your cell so you can communicate with the driver via text (if needed).  There is no local pick up for St Thomas, all customers have home delivery in this town.

e) CHATHAM CUSTOMERS ~ your bin can be either delivered for $4.75 to your door OR you can pick up at their location on London Road.  If you are selected delivery,  simply list your address at check-out, enter your cell so you can communicate with the driver via text (if needed).  CLICK here to read more about the pick up location for Chatham

*** NOTE! Orders NOT picked up within 24 hours will be given away WITHOUT refund and must be picked up from 1350 Wharncliffe Road. S. Unit #10.



matt at globally localYou will need to let the Globally Local team contact you via email :), so use this LINK to sign up! (CouponChristine’s UNIQUE LINK COMING SOON!)  Once you sign up, every SUNDAY in your inbox, you will get an email from Matt of Globally Local (GL) listing what he and his partner James have selected from either organic produce OR from local farmers here in Ontario to go into the bins that week. Make sure you add to your contact list so his email doesn’t go to spam.

Listed to the right is a snapshot of my email from them on Sunday March 15.  If you scroll down to the end of the email you will find a listing of the contents of the bins.  As you can see the $40 bin has 2x the amount of produce in it compared to the $20 bin.  The A LA CARTE bin is the most flexible with peoples wishes/wants and you will be spoiled if you order from the a la carte section of the website!



After you have received this email, and you have decided to order – you can use the link in the email Matt sent you to go right to the GloballyLocal page!  If you visit the shop Tuesday to Sunday morning you will see the following disclaimer – “OUR ONLINE STORE IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE WEEK.  WE WILL REOPEN SUNDAY AT NOON!”

**NOTE! One of the bonuses of Globally Local is there is no committment to buy every week.  If your family is going away, you aren’t sure if you will have all the kids home that weekend and want to skip this week, or maybe you batch cooked the week prior with all the goodies from your bin and don’t need much this week now, you can skip weeks!  There is no membership dues, no fees for missed weeks, etc.

Once the store opens on Sunday, you now have a few options:

1) BUY the SEASONAL BIN for $40 –  When the seasonal bin is ready to buy on SUNDAY (after email is sent out), you will find the BIN ready in the the PRODUCE BIN section of the GL website. CLICK HERE

2) BUY the TRIAL BIN for $20 (1/2 the amount of veg/fruit that is in seasonal bin).  When the trial bin is ready to buy on SUNDAY (after email is sent out), you will find the BIN ready in the the PRODUCE BIN section of the GL website. CLICK HERE

3) Create an A LA CARTE BIN.  AMAZING! The flexibility and vast array of options you can select from (currently there is 82 organic and local produce selections in this shopping area of the website) is one of the perks of Globally Local.  THe A La Carte is where you can shop online like you would with other sites and add items into a shopping cart.  You can buy 3 apples, 1 banana and 17 pears, 1 box of oatmeal and 1x 25lb bag of beets!  Order whatever you want! CLICK here to see the list of individual items for sale – each week will be unique based on supply.

*** NOTE!  If you order the seasonal bin for $40 OR the trial bin for $20 you CAN alpackaged food GLso shop a la carte and these items will just be added into your box 🙂

They also have a HUGE selection of organic and natural packaged food from oatmeal to tea to flour to soups!  Take a look HERE at the PACKAGED FOOD ~ Matt and James also list in the email they circulate on Sunday if there is items on SALE!  We all know how much Coupon Christine fans LOVE the word SALE!

ALSO, if you are planning for a HUGE party or love to juice, they also have a JUICE CORNER on their site. You can buy 25lb bags of carrots, beets or cases of organges/bananas.  Whatever the guys can get in stock that week, they will update this JUICERS CORNER with what you can buy in bulk.  CLICK HERE to SEE JUICE CORNER

*** NOTE!  If you notice there is an item in the bin this week that you aren’t fond of, family doesn’t like, allergy, etc.  you can email Matt using contact us area OR email to make ONE substition within your box.  Simply check out the list on the weeks individual item produce and make a different selection.  Click here to see individual items for sale

*** IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you were to visit the online Globally Local store right now you will see the BINS are “out of stock” from Tuesday until Sunday morning, this is because Matt and James have not yet selected bin contents.  Wait until you get that email from them letting you know they are ready to buy and then visit the website.

**NOTE! On Tuesday, Matt will send one last email if there are remaining bins left for order (typically between 5-10 bins ~ these are VERY hard to get).  This is your LAST CHANCE to get in on the produce bins this week. These bins go really fast! If you want one of those, they will be whatever is left over once they have packed the a la carte bins and the seasonal bin orders.  These are a really nice “surprise” bin if you get the chance to try one – these bins are $40 and are called “EXTRA BINS”


At check-out you will be prompted for a few final items

1)  Where you will be picking up your Globally Local Bin OR if you are having it delivered

2) Bin DEPOSIT or PACKING IT UP IN A CARDBOARD BOX:  You can “rent” a bin for $20 (most conveinent for you!) OR get a .75 cents cardboard box to package up your fruit/veg for the week.  The $20 bin is the most conveinent and easiest way to save money over time.  It is 100% fully refundable if you wish to no longer receive produce from Globally Local in the future.  The bin will act like an exchange bin each week when  you pick up (bring your empty bin) OR if you are getting delivery (you leave the empty bin on your doorstep).  If you want to pick up your produce and bring your own reusable bags or bin you already have, they will simply transfer your produce into your bin for FREE. MAKE SURE in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS when you are checking out you type “BRINGING OWN BAGS/BIN”.  If you would like your bin delivered and are not renting a bin, you will need to pay a .75cents fee to have your produce packed in a brown cardboard box.

Payment options are:

1) Email money transfer to – use the password ORGANIC when processing

2) Pay when you pick up/upon delivery

3) Credit Card

~ VOILA!  You are ready to enjoy all the deliciousness Globally Local has to offer~

NOTE! Please contact Globally Local ( with any missing items or quality issues WITHIN 24 hours. GL guarentees all of our produce with a money back guarentee and will provide you a credit on your next order 

Want to hear what others are saying about Globally Local?

What COUPON CHRISTINE FRIENDS SAYING about their Globally Local Experglobally local3ience

“….with baby due in 2 weeks it would be really handy to have all my produce delivered to me.          I have the freezer stocked and the pantry full, so only need eggs, milk and bread other than produce every week how much more convenient would it be to have it come to me instead of me go to it” Nicole.   

  • “The oranges are deeeelicious!!!”  Amy C.

“Got mine today but put it away before I got a pic. Everything is super fresh and smells like goodness!!globally local2” Sandra B.

“Thanks Christine for introducing this to us. We ordered the big box and had it delivered to strathroy. Produce is fresh and crisp and we are not disappointed at all. My daughter and I split on it and I didn’t think to take a picture. Our bin included brussel sprouts, and beets which were gone before we completely divided it up.” Charmaine D.

“The strawberries I bought with my trial bin, where amazing compared to grocery store ones we are last week” Jennifer G.

“We got ours tonight too! We are very impressed and will be back again. Matt is a great guy and stayed to chat as well, he is passionate about his work and it shows Yay Globally Local!” Jacqueline L.

“I’m oglobally local1rdering again we were really happy!” Stephanie D.V.

” Got mine too!!! Had lettuce for dinner which is why you don’t see it!! Was soo yummy and the oranges are super sweet and juicy. Soo Globally local4happy and excited about this!!! I had mine delivered it was great!!!” Melissa N.

“Wish it was in Barrie, Toronto, Niagara, Windsor, Brantford, Waterloo, Guelph, Woodstock, Ingersol”…. the list goes on and on …… STAY TUNED .. Matt and James have BIG PLANS!




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  1. Cathy Bisset

    Hi! I am interested in purchasing the trial box. I am from Delaware and could pick up in mt. Brydges. We have a group slowly forming from Delaware, so I’m wondering if it would be possible at some point for Delaware to host a pick up or delivery spot. Looking forward to getting started!

  2. kamran

    Im from cornwall ontario how to get stuff from you guys vaggie burgers and other stuff.



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