Getting it Right! How to correctly write an address according to Canada Post

Since a lot of us are mailing coupons/trading with others in groups, thought this blog post may be worthwhile for you to read (this image is for a U.S. mailing address, but Canadian placement of the Province and Postal Code are the same as State and Zip Code)

A good couponing friend of mine, Laura, works for Canada Post and has sent me the most valuable tool to writing an address on an envelope to ensure it runs through the machine and isn’t sent off for manual inspection.

To get your envelope there quicker and faster, consider changing your technique of writing addresses on your envelope according to Canada Posts standards.

See a link here – (see item

But essentially you want your address to look like this (this is the same layout for the RETURN section at the top left of your envelope when writing YOUR address)


Mrs. Coupon Chrstine
8 Main Street
Couponville ON  N0N 1A0


Mrs. Coupon Christine
#1 – 123 Smith Street
Couponville ON  N0N 1A0


Mrs. Coupon Chrstine
8 Main Street
Box 416
Couponville ON  N0N 1A0


4 thoughts on “Getting it Right! How to correctly write an address according to Canada Post

  1. Sherry Webb

    I did not know that…

    I have alway used the following method

    123 Easy St,
    London, Ontario
    N6E 2S1

    I did not realize that I was doing it wrong all these years. Thanks for the heads up

  2. Marianne

    The method with the potal code on a separate line at the bottom used to be the correct way to address an envelope. It changed sometime in teh past decade (I think), to have the postal code placed all on teh same line with the city and province … I believe it has something to do with machiines reading the addresses.


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