GET NOTIFIED from Coupon Christine’s Fan Page ~ Making sure you don’t miss a single post!

notificationsAre you a FAN of Coupon Christine on Facebook?  Its the BEST way to get a LIVE feed all day of what I post.


How to make sure you get ALL my posts

1) Firstly, being an active FAN helps, – simply LIKING, adding a “thank you” or a comment here and there helps, as well as sharing my posts on your personal wall.  Facebook runs like an algorithm that recognizes what pages you visit and come back to and are active on.  THe more activity you put onto the fanpage of CouponChristine, the more quickly you see my posts and don’t miss a thing when I post.

2) Secondly, click the LIKE button (see image below); then click the SETTINGS button;  and make sure your check mark has the “SHOW ALL UPDATES” – mine once again was selected to show MOST updates and I am the admin!  So goes to show you Facebook has fiddled with things AGAIN!Notifications2

Hope this helps you not miss a deal again!

ALSO – don’t forget to read this about adding me to your INTEREST LIST and to organize your own interests to make searching Facebook easier

Thanks Heather S. for this great find tonight 🙂

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