General Mills Promotion–FREE Toque

general mills   General Mills has a new promotions starting September 25th. Specially marked boxes of cereal will have a pin code inside them.  Use this pin to redeem for your free toque.  Cereals include:

  • Cheerios 400g
  • Honey Nut Cheerios 460g
  • Multi Grain Cheerios 390g
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 500g
  • Chocolate Cheerios 350g
  • Lucky Charms 330g
  • Oatmeal Crisp Maple Nut 460g
  • Oatmeal Crisp Almond 474g
  • Oatmeal Crisp Vanilla Almond 465g
  • Oatmeal Crisp Raisin 505g
  • Reese Puffs 365g
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch 380g
  • French Toast Cruch 380g
  • Golden Grahams 340g
  • Hearty Oat Crunch 430g

Offer good while supplies last or until December 31st, 2013.  Keep an eye out for this one!

6 thoughts on “General Mills Promotion–FREE Toque

  1. Pam Moerbeek

    Our family had order a total of 4 toques different times always acknowledge the receipt of order confirmed
    and to date not one has arrived. Understanding lost in mail 1 but not all 4. this promo was not very
    productive for the products.

  2. Debby Anselmo

    Ordered 3 toques 6 weeks before Christmas and never received them Two were for my grandchildren. Want a disappointment to my grandchildren. I haven’t bought General Mills products since Jan. 1 2014. If I get the toques I will go back, so far very disappointed..


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