Garnier contest +FREE SAMPLES

Garnier Canada is running a contest on Facebook.   It’s simple.  Take their quizzes each week for the next 4 weeks, you’ll get the chance to win some great giveaways! This week they are giving away 20, 000 samples.  CLICK HERE for more information and to take the first quiz!


3 thoughts on “Garnier contest +FREE SAMPLES

  1. Chantal

    Sept 14- Garnier emailed A LOT of people (more than the 7 up for grabs) saying they won the full sized product and lululemon gift card. I think someone made a huge boo boo. If you got this email, you might only end up with a little sample worth 10 cents. I think that’s the prize for week 4 and we are only on week 2.

  2. jodi

    I would like to respond to this email, I am quite disappointed in your error. I am a huge fan of Garnier & Lululemon’s. Garnier is a product I use as well as my family & friends. By making this error, I feel that this is your mistake, glitch and the problem lies with you. Which you have already stated. The issue were discussing is that the winners should not be held at liable for your mistake. In due respect to myself, others, those who are doing the contests as well as your fans, I should be still receiving the items that I won. Good business is when your company makes an error you correct it, but do not default on the winnings. That makes for bad business. Thank you for your time.

    Hoping you make the right decision
    Jodi Hample

  3. christine

    Jodi, have you emailed Garnier with this? I wasn’t the one running the contest :( – I was just promoting it as I saw “FREE SAMPLE” and jumped all over it 😉


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