French’s new ketchup is all Canadian!

French’s new ketchup is all Canadian12718262_10153763573110860_107571032587294718_n-1Have you heard? We love to hear about Canadian companies expanding, it means growth and jobs for Canada. Preservative free,no artificial flavours or corn syrup, and all Canadian tomatoes, let’s stock up!

This Orillia man shared his enthusiasm for the new product and it went viral! Hooray for supporting Canadian farmers.

Brian Fernandez –

“Since Heinz decided to pull the plug on its Canadian plant in Leamington, 740 jobs were lost. Heinz decided to make its ketchup solely in the USA. Then, French’s ( known for its mustard) stepped in and decided to make ketchup. They also decided to use those same Leamington tomatoes from Canadian farmers. The result: A ketchup …. free of preservatives. Free of artificial flavours. Also, free of high fructose corn syrup!! We bought a bottle. Absolutely love it!! Bye. Bye. Heinz.”


2 thoughts on “French’s new ketchup is all Canadian!

  1. Louise

    How can it be all Canadian if it is processed in a plant in Ohio ? I think the only Canadian part is the tomato paste made in Leamington, ON.


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