FREE SHAVING CREAM!??! Sale on until Oct. 31, 2012

An un-advertised sale is being shared by my AWESOME fans on for the Edge and Skintimate Shaving Gel at FRESHCO.

A few people have told me now that shaving cream is unadvertised on sale for $1.99 – sale is on from now and until OCTOBER 31!

Using the printable AND mailed out coupons from and for $2 off these two brands will score you FREE shaving cream at Freshco.

Thanks to my awesome friends/fans here for sharing :) Thanks Kathy for letting me know about the date!

Jennifer and Brianna you both ROCK for sharing this find!


4 thoughts on “FREE SHAVING CREAM!??! Sale on until Oct. 31, 2012

  1. Jen Crandon

    I don’t live near a freshco but i used my 2.00 websaver coupon at walmart. Skintimate was on sale for 2.49 i got 2 shaving creams for .79 cent each with tax which is a pretty sweet deal :)

  2. christine Post author

    An amazing deal! I scored the same deal earlier in the week as well Jen … WM is closer to me then Freshco anyway :) Still a great deal on shaving cream!

  3. Alise

    Is it possible for individual FreshCo’s to have different sales on? I went to a FreshCo last night and they insisted they were not on sale :(


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