FREE Samples for Baby/Toddlers

Its easy to do, fill out a form, and then wait!  Typically a lot of these programs will send you samples a) based on when you are due to have the baby, b) how old your child is now if signing up for toddler programs and c) based on the time it takes for them to process your order.

Some of these samples arrive quickly, others you need to be patient.



1) Nestle Baby – $110 worth of coupons, samples of formula and rice cereal, bottle + a cute backpack – this is my absolute FAVOURITE baby program.  So generous with their samples.

2) Similac Club – $80 worth of FREE gear – welcome pack that includes samples + Similac cheques to use on purchases.

3) Enfamil Family Beginnings – $180!! worth of coupons + samples

4) Heinz Baby Club – samples + valuable coupons that Heinz sends you as your child grows.  Coupons are geared to your child’s age (ex. rice cereal for 6 month old and jarred food coupons for 10 month olds)

5) Milupa Sample + Spoon – call in to 1-866-335-9080  to request your FREE promotional offer which is a spoon and rice cereal sample

6) Lansinoh – email and tell them you are planning on breastfeeding and would like a promotional sample.  This sample comes with Lansinoh cream, cloth wipes, breast milk storage bags and disposable nursing pads.

7) Pampers Gifts to Grow – join the GIFTS to GROW program and enter your codes inside diapers and wipes to earn valuable points to get FREE rewards such as toys, photo prints, and books.  GTG also releases a ton of FREE codes throughout the year.  By signing up, you are also allowing Pampers to mail you coupons 🙂

8 ) Huggies Enjoy the Ride – Huggies points are located on diapers and wipes.

9) Shoppers VIB – *Offer valid until December 31, 2012. While quantities last. Offer only available to v.i.b. members who have completed their registration in full and who are expecting a baby or who have a baby under three months of age. Subject to availability, newborn sample package will be provided to members either four weeks prior to the expected due date or up to approximately three months after expected due date.  Sample includes VIB baby bib, diaper, Huggies sample pack wipes, Heinz baby food sample, Aveeno baby wash, Optimum BONUS coupons for baby products.

10) Johnson & Johnson – sample includes a coupon for a FREE travel and go box of shampoo, body wash and powder.  Also a coupon for other Johnson and Johnson products.  Fill out this form and ask for a BABY sample in the contact section or contact them via phone directly and request a baby package at 1-866-565-2229

11) Aveeno Cream – will send you a $3 coupon when you tell them you love their baby products. Fill out this form

12) Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink – money saving coupons + FREE SAMPLE – fill out this form

13) Enfamil – Enfagrow Sample + money saving coupons – fill out this form

9 thoughts on “FREE Samples for Baby/Toddlers

  1. NikkiRobin

    This is great but how do we add our coupons to different categories? I have a couple coupons I would love to trade for certain others so how can we upload and remove our own coupons?

  2. Tiffany

    I signed up for all of these and got them all except for Pampers… I signed up with them in the first trimester and my due date is now 12 days away and have yet to receive anything from them. 🙁

    • christine Post author

      Thanks Sgowdey, I had the wrong link .. I fixed it now 🙂 It will work for you …I also fixed AVEENO

  3. sam

    The vib program is still running. They have sent me 2 packages with samples of Johnson body wash, aveno for mom & baby, another bath wash, a skin fix diaper cream, a spoon, a booklet of huge optimium point offers, a bib & a package of 3 pampers cruisers size 3. I received them when my son was 2 months & again at 4 months.

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