*FREE Movie Ticket to Play a Game on your iPhone or iPad: Thanks Oreo :)

A fan told me about this yesterday (thanks Monika), saying she stumbled upon this game that you can download for FREE for your iPhone or iPad and earn Scene points that turn into a FREE movie!


So I asked an awesome fan of mine who is AMAZING at iPad games to give it a try (thanks Christina).


SO here is how you do it .. .Download the game Oreo: twist, lick and dunk from the app store

Then play a few games – you dip Oreos in a glass of milk 🙂 Try to earn the highest score you can … the more points you have, the least number of games you have to play.

Play a few times (been hearing 3 – 10x) and a screen will pop up for you to enter your email.

Once you get the email, you can drop the points right into your SCENE account to get a FREE MOVIE ticket!

Thanks Christina for helping me figure this all out 🙂


8 thoughts on “*FREE Movie Ticket to Play a Game on your iPhone or iPad: Thanks Oreo :)

  1. Kim

    I played and got the link to where it tells me to log into the scene site and gives me a pin code to enter, but I don’t know where to enter the code??

    • christine Post author

      I heard its hard to get the code now .. need to score super high per round – some people it took an hour to get the code

    • christine Post author

      I have a suspicion that the offer is now offer … lots of people got the Scene points, and I think they caught on


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