FREE COLGATE TOOTHPASTE COUPONS? Check this out before you request!

A few fans pointed this out to me today and I thought we could have some fun with this

Take a look at this picture of Colgate’s Email contact form page – notice anything wrong?

Once you see what is wrong  – click LIKE! (and then scroll down this page to read more)











keep scrolling … see if you are RIGHT







Almost there …..








HI ….. ok ok ok .. I will tell you …















There is no SUBMIT button!  So now what – I want free toothpaste coupons from Colgate (they will send you 5 x $1 off coupons 1x every 3 months when requested).

I contacted Yvonne at Customer relations and told her about this ‘glitch’ but then decided to try a few things.

1) this form opens FINE in internet explorer (this print screen image is from Google Chrome)

2) this form opens  FINE if you shrink your page size down, so change your zoom level – but then all the fields to fill in are super tiny and I don’t know if I filled in my address in the right lines.  >> see small image after I shrunk my zoom level on the page.

So if you want those coupons from Colgate, you will need to know that the Submit button is there – it just needs to be accessed another way – but customer relations is aware of it thanks to some awesome CouponChristine fans 🙂


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