FREE 1L Milk at Loblaws!!!!

Starting this Friday April 27, Loblaws will have the 1L Neilson Trutaste on for $1!!!  Print the $1 off printable and that is FREE MILK!!!!  Get your printer’s ready!

UPDATE from Neilson/Saputo’s Customer Service Phone #

I contacted the customer service line, I think she had heard about this issue a lot today (~wink~) but was very very understanding and answered my questions without being rude.  Here is the update:

Because the coupon says “not to be used with any other store promotion” the decision is 100% in the hands of the store owner.  As with any other coupon, the discretion to limit quantities or not allow coupons is always up to an individual store that worries that coupons will be abused and they will be out a lot of money. When I  asked: “If I was a store owner, and I sent in a ton of these coupons back to Neilson/Saputo to be refunded, would you give me (my store) every single $1 coupon value EVEN IF my store had it on sale for $1?”  Her response was… “we have NO WAY of knowing if your store put it on sale, we just refund when the coupon is legit and in this case, we distributed the printable coupon on our website, so it is 100% our duty to pay that money back.  I said “Exactly my point”.. she laughed .. but again reminded me, each store will make up their own mind and own rules about this coupon as it does say the “not to be used with other store promotions”. She also said she got 100+ calls about this today – so please don’t bug them 😉 .. this is really the only answer you are going to get as I did as for a statement and she said, they are not giving that because again it is up to the store owner.

5 thoughts on “FREE 1L Milk at Loblaws!!!!

    • Brenda

      I went this morning and got a bunch from the Loblaws at Richmond St.and Fanshawe Pk. Rd. in London. The one cashier said it was stacking but the manager was called down and let me have it. The cashier went immediately upstairs to the office to talk to the manager and explain why it’s stacking. There was me and another lady that tried to explain it to her but she wouldn’t listen.
      What does the CS after Loblaws mean?

  1. Amie Larocque

    It seems to me that the customer, in the end, is being ignored. There is no good reason for the store not to accept the coupons that WILL be reimbursed. There is no good reason for the company to not help out the customers by sending a memo to the store head office. Once again, cruddy coupon customer service. Re: stacking… the only thing this rep could be thinking is that when you use a coupon on top of a sale it’s stacking ~ will people ever get it??? :/

  2. Amanda

    What could be going on here with the store owners is that the 1L milk for $1 is a loss leader, meaning they are losing money on the sale of that item with the idea that a customer into the store to buy the milk at a great price, and get looking around and pick up other items that they didn’t intend to purchase. By placing a limit on the product that is paired with the coupon they are limiting their total loss. Yes, they get the $1 back from the coupon, but the more milk that leaves the higher the loss is on that product, and very likely without the extra purchases they are planning on.


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