Fraudulent Coupon Still Circulating ~ please circulate to all your coupon friends

fraudIt has been brought to my attention by a wonderful coupon fan who is currently employed at Walmart that the Mr Christie coupon is continuing to be used and abused. Some, unfortunately have no idea, others, fight with cashiers and insist its legit suggesting they know it is a fake coupon.

Please share this with your friends and coupon groups, local stores you shop at or even if you work in grocery stores:

It has been 100% confirmed that this is a fraudulent coupon and needs to stop circulation

  • Kraft had directed my couponing friend to contact the manufacturer of Christie’s Cookies, Mondelez. So she contacted Mondelez via both their Facebook page and their website. Plus they had sent her an email asking for a copy of the coupon (which I had also included in my FB message to them).

    “Though I haven’t called them, I’ve had 2 messages left for me on home phone from Mondelez/Christie’s – however, their message after seeing the coupon I sent them via their FB account confirms it’s fake, so not sure if I’ll give them a phone call when I get a chance.”

    Mondelēz International confirmed to her:
    This coupon is counterfeit. I’ve alerted our team. Thanks for letting us know! ~ Kourtney

    What is more discouraging is this woman has been calling other local stores to alert them as Mondalez hasn’t directly done that themselves. She wants to make sure other stores don’t get “burned” by this coupon in the long run.

    If you see this coupon being asked for or traded in your coupon groups, I strongly encourage you to lightly tap on the shoulders of those and remind them that couponing is a priveledge not a right and we all will be punished if this continues to be abused.


2 thoughts on “Fraudulent Coupon Still Circulating ~ please circulate to all your coupon friends

  1. Louise

    Apparently Mondelez has repeatedly said they have contacted the retailers about this fraudulent coupon, yet a friend of mind at the local Walmart has said that she is still seeing these come through the cash office, and that when she brings it to the CSM’s attention, they indicate that nothing has come down from head office about it so no info has been passed on to the cashiers.

    Seems every time some store has these cookies for less than $2, they make an appearance, and especially since Walmart pays overage. Yet no one can say where the coupon comes from or originally originated from, except “in an email”. Only said company doesn’t issue their coupons via email.

    • christine Post author

      It is truly too bad to continue seeing people abuse coupons – guess there will always be bad seeds 🙁


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