Food Basics **NEW** Policy

food basics policy  Food Basics is changing their policy.  Now if  you go in to grab a great deal and it’s not in stock, they will give you a raincheck, + 10% off the advertised for your next visit! So what do you think? Awesome move to stay competitive??

And they will be also AD MATCHING!  (thanks for the picture from a friend)

food basics Coupon Christine


5 thoughts on “Food Basics **NEW** Policy

  1. Lisa Hillier

    I think this will help me to go back there, because they didn’t PM I avoided going to shop there. Still a downside, they don’t accept internet printed coupons, only ones that are mailed or tearpads.

  2. Brandee

    Just went to Food Basics this morning. Not price matching in the GTA. Also the cashier went on a bit of a rant about the price matching. Only the manager can do it. Interesting.

  3. Alex Heuvel

    Just went didn’t have what I was looking for in the flyer, was told the same old thing “while quantity’s last” way to change your policy and cover your back side so no rain check, no 10%, it’s only Saturday


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