Food Bank Donations: How can you help?

With roughly 20 days to Christmas (yes, I said it 😉 you may be looking at all the amazing deals and things you were able to get with coupons this year and feel overly generous and would like to PAY IT FORWARD!

Donating to women’s community houses,  food banks or your local church community cupboards are all great programs that are always looking for a COUPONERS help.

Well what do they NEED???

The Foodbank of Canada has an overall landing page that is a valuable resource to find out local donation places in your area… you will see – the most needed/wanted items across the board are FOOD items

The London Food Bank has an updated website of items they are in need of right now. Please note at this time of year FOOD is extremely important as many homeless or those in need are going to be restricted with transportation.

The Hamilton Food Share program also is in desperate need of FOOD this time of year as well.

The Burlington Partnership West Family Support Network needs some toiletries, but again mostly FOOD.

The Chatham-Kent Outreach for Hunger program also needs FOOD and some toiletries.

The Foodbank of Waterloo Region – again FOOD

The Brantford Community Resource Service – FOOD and baby things

Niagara Region – FOOD

So general consensus across the board is to get out those extra cans of soup, peanut butter and jam, rice and pasta, baby food and formula .. all these things I KNOW you were able to get using coupons.  Food banks need your non-perishables right now.

If you are looking for a food bank nearest you – check out this list of FOOD BANKS and be in touch with them about what they REALLY NEED.  Do the same for your local charities you would like to donate to, ask them what is in high demand right now and start watching deals for them 🙂

So open up the pantry, your storage area and look for non-perishable food you can spare and donate – that is what is really needed right now across all donation centres as we gear up for another winter.


Check this out – London Food BANK has you covered with all the basics!

Thanks to my good friend Jen for helping me with this post ~ much needed information for us all as we move into the season of ‘giving’ 🙂




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