Flyer apps and online flyers on your phone – Would you opt out of hard copy flyers?

It is 2013, and there are some amazing companies working hard at making our lives a heck of a lot easier to coupon and save money.

A few of my favourites that help save us time at checkout are:

*** Reebee ~ a FREE downloadable app for your smartphone, apple device and blackberry to view all the current flyers in your area

*** ~ an online website database of flyers allowing you to create a shopping list, search flyers and share your deals on social media

Question to you is:

reebee-opt-out“Would you be interested in opting out of hard copy flyers, if your favourite stores allowed you to use your mobile app to show flyers?”

Before you answer, here are my personal thoughts of the pros and cons:



PRO  >> Going GREEN!  Who doesn’t want to cut down on our environmental footprint?

CON  >> But then I miss out on the possible coupon inserts that sometimes come with my flyers?

PRO >> Ease at checkout – no one likes to flip through pages and pages of flyers, and what about those of us who run out of the house, forgetting flyers, and who likes to throw papers at cashiers as they make room on the belt to look more closely at the deal.

CON >> Who is responsible if a phone/electonic device falls on the floor and smashes?  Are stores ready for this kind of situation?

PRO >> I don’t get flyers for stores that aren’t within a certain mile radius from my home, online flyers allow me to still price match those flyers rather than running to that store, grabbing a flyer from front lobby and then shopping.

CON >> But what about those staff who have a hard time reading smaller print on phones/electronic devices?  Will there be specific lines devoted to price matching with perhaps more technology savvy cashiers that know more about online flyers?

PRO >> Cuts down on time at check-out.  Much happier customers behind the couponer/money saver.

CON >> Not everyone has access to these new technologies.  Will hard-copy flyers be only available at centralized depots if this opt-out feature is too popular and therefore make it more of a challenge to get hard-copy flyers for those of us who don’t have access to mobile apps?

CON >> Not all stores allow me to show flyers on my phone, I worry that if I opt-out, then I will loose out on awesome deals if a store or even a cashier that days says “no phone apps allowed”

What are your thoughts?  Would you OPT OUT of  hard-copy flyer delivery?

14 thoughts on “Flyer apps and online flyers on your phone – Would you opt out of hard copy flyers?

  1. Katrina

    I would definitely opt out once all stores are on board. Until then, I’ll keep getting my flyers.

  2. Michele

    Still prefer the hard copy flyer. Every store will have it’s own “policy” whether they accept the on line app or not, and just like coupons, every location of a store could be different. Like mentioned, not everyone has a device to be able to do this. I have a hard time reading fine print on reebee flyers, I can just imagine some cashiers trying to read them.
    Paper all the way for me

  3. Lisa

    . The kids and I enjoy sitting down together and planning where we spend our money and matching deals. It would not be the same educational tool in our house without the physical fliers. Please do not discontinue them. I believe that leaning to shop smart and save money is a necessary life skill.

  4. Heather

    I don’t get the flyers – ever… so I love the Reebee app. If it was more widely accepted it would make shopping much easier. I am in a rural location so I often have to drive quite far to the one or two stores that take the app and price match. I have really enjoyed Reebee since it has become available. I use the online version of flyers along with the Coupon Christine site to make my list and then the Reebee app in the store to price match.

  5. becky

    I love reebee, but the flyers are not always legible. If that was improved, I would say yes to opting out of flyers. Currently if I want to pm a deal that isn’t clear on the app, i have to take the paper copy with me just in case the cashier can’t read the app. And I use reebee on a tablet – ican only imagine the hassle ofreading that fine print on a phone.

    I’d really love if there was a shopping list feature – click on an item in the flyer and it adds it to a list you can then use to shop. That may be wishful thinking though lol

  6. Coupon Christine allows you this ability! Go try it! Its amazing click on any item from a flyer and drop it into your shopping cart. You can then email yourself the list and it breaks it down my store for you! Its amazing! Try it!

  7. lyndsay

    I’m old school and not that tech savy. I find it takes way to long to pm with reebee. With Hard copy flyers I have everything circled and organized. What about the older generation who do not know how to turn on a computer let alone use a smart phone.

  8. Susan

    Not everyone has a phone and not all that do choose to have a data plan. I’m sure not going to pay another 35 bucks a month to be able to look at teeny tiny flyers! I like the paper where I can see the sizes, etc.

    I can’t see how showing items on a phone wouldn’t take twice as long as showing a paper flyer. The paper flyers can be hard enough to read ie the tiny kg price that most stores use. It sounds way more cumbersome to pull up multiple items in multiple flyers on a phone and I can’t even imagine being a cashier having to look at them.

    I also think the percentage of people shopping without technology is far greater than those with.

  9. carol

    I would want flyers,because my mobile signal sucks in most stores. Not only that but most of these apps,are not for windows phones. And I am never leaving windows.

  10. carrie

    I appreciate the convenienvce of flyers online and using them on a phone if you have one (I don’t) — but call me old school, I very much enjoy the excitement of getting flyers at my door and browsing through to get the most for my money, plotting and planning my shopping trip for the weekend. And it’s nice to have on hand in the car for those last minute stops. I love my weekly flyers and would miss them terribly if they were gone.

  11. Jenn

    I get my flyers very inconsistently so new school technology is where it’s at.
    Eventually we may even see the end of hard copy coupons and just have them scanned from our devices at checkout as well 😉
    For now, anything that helps mother earth a tiny bit is a good idea!
    Not to mention, I can still teach my kids how to look for items and drop them into the virtual cart using the app as Christine said! Fun for the future! 😉

  12. Christine Weadick

    I like getting the flyers but there are a couple that I don’t get I have to go online for which is a pain in the butt. I can’t see not getting my flyers as I do enjoy looking at those I get. Plus there is the problem then of getting the coupon inserts if you don’t get the flyers. As you said above there are some of us that do not have smart phones and such, me being one of them.
    Right now I’m saving all my papers, flyers included as the daughter of the dear lady next door has puppies!!!! She gets all my papers for puppy detail!!!


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