Feedback Wanted? ~ another money back rebate program?

phone_landing4Is there another get paid to shop on the market?

I was just told about this one by a fan named Jason … looks a heck of a lot like Checkout51 if you ask me, BUT whether they are sustainable and are actually paying out is still to be seen. I don’t want to get too excited till I hear back from not only those of you using this program on your phones and actually getting cheques.

If you work for SnapSaves and would like to contact me to confirm the legitimacy of this program, please email me directly at

REMINDER!  I endorse Checkout51 100% as they are a reputal and 100% of you are getting your cheques.  I will only endorse this company once I hear from those who have used it consistently. Proceed with caution!


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  1. Wendy

    This was posted on Smart Canucks-

    Hi SmartCanucks,

    I am an official SnapSaves representative and I will be here to answer all your questions.

    First off, SnapSaves is very glad to see the support we’re receiving on SmartCanucks and the excitement about our new app!

    SnapSaves is an affiliate of, one of Canada’s leading daily deal websites. If a person is a Buytopia user they are automatically given a SnapSaves account, and can login with their Buytopia account on SnapSaves.

    Snapsaves app was launched only last week without any promotion and yet we are generating a lot of interest as is evident by this thread. We are continuously working towards enhancing our system to provide our customers a better shopping experience.

    We are currently working on improving our system’s compatibility with a select few Android devices. These improvements should be active within a week. Android has over 2600 devices and we are quickly working to make sure all of these devices are compatible with SnapSaves. SnapSaves also has a web interface which can be used by anyone!

    In terms of our Receipt Processing, it typically takes up to 24 hours for the receipts to be approved. We will strive to make this process even faster in the coming days.

    About us: We are a Canadian company based in the heart of Toronto’s Downtown core, working to bring you great discounts on your groceries.

    Can SnapSaves be used with other coupons? Yes this is entirely acceptable. As long as the featured items are on the receipt other coupons are permissible.

    Can I use SnapSaves in Quebec? If a receipt is in English it can be approved. Unfortunately at this time SnapSaves cannot accept French receipts but that is quickly changing!

    Will I receive cheques? Yes you will. SnapSaves will issue you a cheque within a week of you requesting your receipt.

    Do you have a weekly coupon program? Yes. SnapSaves products refresh every Tuesday at midnight. However our coupons have limited quantities so please make sure to you don’t miss out on these great offers. We also provide further bonus offers on Thursday.

    If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 877-741-5790 or our provided support email on our website.




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