Extreme Couponers: Throwing out Products after Getting Overage? What do you think?

A debate about “extreme couponers” over on Bob Layton’s AM630 CHED blog page is stirring up some heated debate about whether couponers are throwing out products in store garbage cans on their way out that they have gotten overage on.  This talk show is live in Alberta.

Bob responds that his source is accurate and it is not an isolated event.  That his source sees this happening all the time.

I responded to this thread last night in my most professional response, and Bob did not post it what I had to say – hmmmm

What do you think?

  • * Do you think couponers are throwing out their excess overage products on the way out of the store?
  • * Is this cashier talking about 1 maybe 2 instances where she/he saw this and wanted to point it out?
  • * Do you think it is a disgruntled cashier who hates couponers?

Check this out and have your say below on my website what you think. CLICK HERE.   Comments posted on their blog page are screened and as noted above, aren’t always approved by Bob.  So just comment below here what you think.

7 thoughts on “Extreme Couponers: Throwing out Products after Getting Overage? What do you think?

  1. Jen Gibbons

    As a personal thought, why would I throw out something I got for free or discounted with my coupons? I can’t see someone else doing it, unless it was one of those stupid freak incidents, like on Black Friday when you see on the news so one buys something just to destroy it in front of all the people standing in line hoping to get one, maybe it was some odd statement like that? and they tossed it in the trash? Regardless, it’s not, in my opinion, something real couponers would do.

  2. lily

    I agree Jen. Couponers are about saving money, regardless if it’s free. No couponer I know, would toss anything, they would donate it to a food bank, or give it away to a friend or family member. I’m curious what it was that was tossed because I just can’t see it.

  3. Sherry Webb

    I am sure that someone probably did toss something after they got the overage…some people have no scruples or make any sense at all. The question is…is this an isolated incident and perhaps it is a digruntled couponer who wants to cause waves for another couponer or perhaps discredit a coupon blogger as being unethical..it could be a disgruntle cashier who hates couponers. The other question is, is this the norm for the majority of couponers to do….in this case; the answer would be no….couponers love their stockpiles and being able to see how much they have obtained at a drastically reduced price or especially free…there is NO WAY most of us would throw that away. We will however, hand out those items to anyone who needs it…family, friends or as a donation to the local food banks.

  4. Carrie Perry

    My personal thought, I really don’t see people throwing it out, maybe donating it or giving it away. I just can’t see it. It takes time and hard work to get coupons and do a shopping list so I am sure people wouldn’t spend there time to throw it out as they walk out the store. Something is not right here. It is just to unreal. As a couponer i would be upset if this was truly happening as there is always people in need of products.

  5. paula

    this is obv a disgruntled cashier or employee/isolated incident as we even see on TLC extreeme couponers, they may not even have a dog but still got 100 dog collars because they were free.
    The saver nature of couponers and the thrill of getting items free and the innate hording nature of stock pilers certainly proves this to be a false statement.
    99,9% would give the tiems to charity, SELL THEM or give them away, i cannot see anyone in this day and age throwing perfectly good, brand new iitems in the store trash can on the way out.

  6. couponfun

    I can’t see it. And if it did occur I can’t see it being a regular thing among couponers (because we are a wise bunch and tossing product doesn’t make sense… you would use it or donate it to be used).

  7. Anna Tison

    Can’t see it – most extreme couponers are hoarders in their own way (and I say this as someone who is almost there so no disrespect at all). Why get something for free or with an overage and then throw it out? Wouldn’t you want to keep it to always be able to see their find? If it’s a space issue then I would think that the average person would donate it. So if this did happen, it’s not that the person is an extreme couponer, it’s that the person lacks decency.


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