*Exclusive News from Reebee to Coupon Christine Fans! PLUS a CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Rebee1Flyers at your fingertips with Reebee!

The same familiar content as delivered to your door, now available on your favourite ANDROID device!

Yes! You heard me correct … REEBEE is now a FREE DOWNLOAD from all Android phones!

Open the app and your immediately presented with flyers from your area. 

Interact with the flyers in a natural and intuitive way: swipe between pages and pinch/tap to zoom. All without getting your hands dirty!

The team at REEBEE have shared this new with only a few of their favourite bloggers …. and guess who got the email from the Reebee team?!



will giving away prizes to the 100th, 1000th, and 10 000th downloads on Android, as well as giving away gift cards for tweeting.Well, I am allowed to also squeal that if you are an ANDROID user, download Reebee, you are also entered into their contest starting tomorrow!

They shared this exclusive information with you because they love my fans and the activity you give to their site!  Show them so love!  Go thank them for making REEBEE Android Friendly on their FB page (make sure you tell them I sent you)




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