Ensure Mail Out Coupons and Cheques

Ensure is a nutritional supplement used for medical reasons to manage weight, to help maintain healthy maintenance of proper nutrition.  They have a fantastic coupon/cheque program in which you can sign up and receive cheques and informational packages from them about their products.

I always suggest if you don’t personally use this product and would like to sign up for the Ensure Club, I have many people I know that could benefit from these savings.  So when you get your coupons/cheques, private msg me and I will make sure/ENSURE they get to the right families

Thanks and Happy Saving!

2 thoughts on “Ensure Mail Out Coupons and Cheques

  1. Donna E. Mosley

    I live on the regular Strawberry Ensure and have done so for almost nine years. Intractable epilepsy, a growth on my brain, Lupus, dislocating TMJ’s, and a compromised immune system have left me unable to eat regular foods. Besides, I love Ensure, no other brand of nutritional drink. I would so appreciate your sending coupons ( as many as you possibly can) to me so my family can purchase them at the grocery store, as I cannot drive.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  2. christine Post author

    These coupons would only be good in Canada … (and cheques) I am so sorry to report that 🙁


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