Do Ketchup Coupons Exist? Rare Coupon Sighting!

A staple in our home is ketchup! There is always a bottle in our fridge door.

When I first started to coupon back in 2011, I looked for these coupons for a VERY VERY long time.  Since I had no luck, I heard some great tips too to help save money on Ketchup – buy the HUGE tin when it goes on sale at NF or FB and then just fill your old bottles (thanks Crystal K) it does save a ton of cash for those putting Ketchup on EVERYTHING.  Also heard to just stock up when it dips in price below $2 which it does and have done that a lot.

But I still wanted to find coupons … and low and behold, I found them … and have been lucky to enjoy them, albeit some of the small savings they did provide.

The coupon with HEINZ across the top was received by a friend who emailed Ketchup over a year ago, BUT I tried recently and their response is they do not send out coupons for loyal and HUGE fans of Ketchup – do not bother emailing.

The coupon for $1 off any 3 Heinz products (including Classico  – mmm) was found in Quebec at their Tomato Celebration was mailed to me



One thought on “Do Ketchup Coupons Exist? Rare Coupon Sighting!

  1. Christina

    we go through so much ketchup!! I started buying the big cans too, I would love to find some of these coupons!


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